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Gagarin (Planet 1)

Gagarin (Planet 1)

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Comments {28}

LucasDT 6 April 2011
Nice aproach :)

Jorge 6 April 2011
Nice wallpaper! It is nice that someone is remembering that tremendous achievement for humanity. Without Yuri Gagarin there would not have been Neil Armstrong taking a "small step" out of the Eagle.

Светлана Калинина 6 April 2011
урааааа!!!! поехалииии!!!! :)

misha 6 April 2011

Vivian 7 April 2011
Love the soft feeling and colors :), great wallpaper! You've been featured on iconpaper!

AMPIT 7 April 2011
Love it. Waiting for the next

Vlad Gerasimov 8 April 2011
Stefano: thank you :-)

Eddie Hollen 9 April 2011
Is there any chance we could get this without the planet/spaceship? The star field background is glorious!

Vlad Gerasimov 9 April 2011
Eddie Hollen: see next wallpaper in the gallery, First Flight!

John 16 April 2011
Wow! It's very beautiful

Dudepaperlover 30 April 2011

8 September 2011
very nice

Pranav Rana 30 April 2012
Your work is really outstanding

Barry Newman 12 August 2012
What a neat way to celebrate a great mans achievements with a wallpaper from undeniably the best wallpaper artist on this planet.Here in New zealand I use your wallpapers daily and get a huge amount of pleasure from them.

Nicolas Antoniades 6 April 2011
I looooooove this wallpaper ! It reminds of "The Little Prince" somehow .. But can you please put the planet a bit more on the center of the screen ????? :)

Sakonchard Yosthamrong 6 April 2011
Wow fantastic.

Kelcey 6 April 2011

Koekie 6 April 2011
Also reminds me of the Tribbles from Star Trek. Very nice wallpaper, thank you!

xerpinno 7 April 2011 Yuri Gagarin! wallpaper!

fredericasso 7 April 2011
J'adore !

Stefano 8 April 2011
This is a nice tribute to a man who left this planet Earth at just 34. And here's a new lifetime user landing on your planet :)

Tusnelda 9 April 2011
Nice one, Vlad! Yes, I remember it well! (showing my age here ;) ) Now waiting for further planets.......... Thanks, Vlad!

Johan 11 April 2011
Awesome! Would love more wallpapers with these fluffy aliens :)

30 April 2011
it is so butiful

Timothy Mueller-Harder 17 August 2011
Great, I love it! XD What I'd like even more, though, is a version without any speech bubble or text (i.e. just the planet, aliens, ship, and stars).

Vlad Gerasimov 12 August 2012
Barry Newman - thank you very much ;-)

Sophia 23 August 2012

namo 27 December 2013
thank you so much i was surfing internet today, and found your website. I loved each and every wallpaper.

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