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The First Flight

The First Flight

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Comments {12}

Heidi Lunkenheimer 9 April 2011
That is so cute! I love both, though, this one and the original. I hope there'll be more. I'm a huge sci-fi fan, hence everything dealing with space and aliens is extremely welcome. Thank you! :)

fredericasso 18 April 2011
Ah ah ah !! J'adore !!

Andy Br 27 April 2011
nice !

Hanna 13 September 2012
I love it! i download these wallpapers to my mother's computer. She loves them!

Assad 26 December 2014
love it ^o^

Lamppa 31 December 2015
My second favorite from you. I can not wait the little alien to get here!

Evan Morse 10 April 2011
Love the single eye looking through the window...

Jaideep Nadkarni 11 April 2011

Vlad Gerasimov 11 April 2011
Evan Morse: oops! This is definitely not a single eye :-) This is a fluffy alien from my previous wallpaper! It might be too small here, though.

wook. 6 January 2012
I feel like in Space!

Elsa 8 February 2013
Very Cute!

Sam 16 October 2013
Great website. Even greater art. Thank you.

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