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The Family of Colors (3)

The Family of Colors (3)

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Comments 12

Kaz · 11 June 2009
I love these, but what are these creatures? Are they like Pantone swatches or colour books?

steluciani · 12 June 2009
hi vlad good work, but need a little correction in the name: in italian the colour orange is "arancione" not "arancia".. "arancia" is the fruit and "arancione" is the color.. unfortunately in english there is only one world: orange

yun\'s friend · 29 July 2009
its terrific!!wow!! could you put some new picture about LOVE????

kazimiera · 17 December 2009
wow its son weird and cool

behnaz · 22 August 2010
these are fantastic.

Kaz · 11 June 2009
Also love the new site :)

Vlad Gerasimov · 11 June 2009
Kaz: exactly! These are "color testers", or "guide books".

efand · 13 June 2009
simple but creative

Lorena · 19 June 2009

Jaideep Nadkarni · 20 June 2009
Lol, very sweet and neat!

· 28 September 2009
مافهمت ولا شي قهررررر بس شكلهم حلوين شوكراا

Kazstap · 11 January 2013
Hi Vlad Love your wallpapers and other stuff - and love this clock. Good for teaching visual literacy, symbolism and design. But as I am a bit of a Luddite with computers can you please tell me how I get this clock to stay. I have to reload it each time after I shutdown the computer. (have installed Dexclock).

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