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Comments {40}

rahil long ago
it is wonderfull.really really wonderfull.

Gonzalo long ago
Such a great designs... You are indeed and artist Vladimir.. Cheer. Gonzalo , from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

mass long ago

Fito long ago
WOOOW, my new desktop picture!! =)

kerim x-files long ago
wowww!!!its fantastic...i like it..thnks

香腸 long ago

Heidi long ago
You are really really funny you sure make me laugh when i see you work, it's great...

Seriavi long ago
I can relate to this on a strange level... I Love it!

a.absintium long ago
it's veryy sweety=))

CESAR: long ago

amaya long ago
as always LOVE it

vix long ago
not bad my friend, not bad. You should make new wallpapers more often. Cant wait 4 your next 1 . . . . . . .

anna lousia long ago
really nice artistic stuff

michel long ago
a very nice one... again ! :) please, take your time. Quality over quantity is perfecty

mehdi long ago
though it is great! but for me it is a bit depressing.... as i dream alot, i dream of peace,glory and calm just like that bulb dreaming abt the sun, but like this bulb, my actions are simply "NIL"

esther long ago
it's wonderful.. love it. thanks for your work. ;-)

Pavel Hastings long ago
Thanks Vlad!

::saathiyaana: 14 April 2008
what an idea..!! just great art..!!

Fernando Barrios 12 November 2008
it's wonderful

ANU Boy'Z 17 January 2012

tedds long ago
enlightening artwork...!!

Elusive long ago
Beauty and simplicity.What more can be said?? (Y)

Dez, Cape Town, South Africa long ago
You combine art and feeling so beautifully. Thank you :-)

Petr long ago
Love this (L)

MaGaLy long ago
Y sE HiZo La LuZ ...! (Y)

Discospawn long ago
Hi, I found you on another website with various desktops, and both the ones I liked were by you. Awesome graphics!

GZ long ago
Oh... It's about me=))))))))))))))

mavi long ago
no mass yuo are! i love this one 1 so cool!!!!!

mariella long ago
Creo que así deberíamos ser todos... aunque seamos un bombillo seguir soñando con ser el sol... Me encanta!!!

jayanta ray long ago
great concept

Moo long ago
Great idea! Quite funny, too!

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
vix: thanks! I was on business trip last month, so I had no chance to do new wallpapers.

New Neptune long ago
èíòåðåñíàÿ çàäóìêà (Y)...

son long ago
its very funny

kacenka long ago
;-) (Y)

Bassel.Max long ago
Great work ..

mehdi long ago
i was very surprised to see that a simple wallpaper can create such a big brain-wave----------------------------- and as always, vlad's work is great!!!

nancy long ago
This reminds me of a short animated film (I think it won a Cannes award, once upon a time) called "More." Well worth finding online: the same sort of dreamer theme... I think it's at Love this wallpaper, Vlad!

zero man 14 December 2010
Very Nice

DaVinci(not the real :D) 17 December 2011
This Wallpaper shows me, that it is ok to be different. Perfect work Vlad.

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