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Ancient dance

Ancient dance

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Comments {15}

Jokerman long ago
At first it seems like a somewhat simple design... After looking at it for a few minutes though I can tell you put some extra work into this... I really like the runes... They give it that magical, medieval feel... Excellent work. . .

mood long ago

Anita long ago
Have had this one on my desktop for over 6 months... simply can't get tired of it... superb...

dk long ago
look like the iris of an eye. very cool.(y)

Vlad long ago
Uumh... Ravi Shankar mainly...

ma.jor 3 September 2008

Mike G 24 October 2008
Great composition of colors, textures and symbols. Not sure how I missed this one before.

Sergio Bonfiglio long ago
I can't see the widescreen versions. Why is that ?

miki long ago
nice picture.. i really like it :D

saveen long ago
Did I say, I love it, yes.. I love it

trinah long ago
dont you have any DANCE wall papers?

Alycia long ago
This is intriguing and awesome. I really like this.

Masala Man long ago
What kind of Indian music!?!?

PE.ZAJ 3 September 2008

Mike G 25 October 2008
I agree with Jokerman. After looking at this for a while, a magical depth begins to emerge. Also, "Ancient dance" achieves solidity without being too dark. The colors are amazing. Look at them from across the room for another surprising perspective. Have it on my main desktop right now!

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