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Crest of Waves

Crest of Waves

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Comments {37}

Son.C.Qi long ago

mchkewlr long ago
This is my favorite one so far. It's kind of like an ocean of mercury or something! (y)

charlie long ago
I like how people can call water "sexy." Oh, well. It is sexy!

Omid long ago

long ago
Ààà... Áàéêàë.. Ðàé, çàìå÷àòåëüíî.. Î÷åíü :-) Êàçàëîñü áû, âñåãî ëèøü âîäà, à - êàê æèâàÿ.. Àâòîð, âû ãåíèàëåí : )

MO-P long ago
;-) Gangsta!

Maryam long ago
real soothin... nice JoB! :)

djkowall long ago
lovely and soothing :-)

Ela long ago

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Nope, Mike, this is Listvyanka.

César Osorio long ago
soothing. saludos desde México

vicflo long ago
Calming and in its own (Y)

brittany long ago
nice...very ralaxing...very peaceful...(L)

joe 19 February 2008

mate 10 May 2008
Is this real photo... or made in 3ds max, maya or sth like that ?

darklady1453 28 September 2009
so beautiful.....

Ivan 13 March 2010
very good

1 August 2011

crys long ago
it's cool

Ali long ago
excellent ;-)

amanda long ago
mystical yet soothing (Y)

AZIDEZ long ago

A S U R A long ago
Relaxing! Good Job! (Y)

nona long ago
pure sexy. silky as they stated was my first thought. must be heaven.

moongazer03 long ago
perfect. y? maybe.. but absolutely perfect.

WOW long ago

Amin long ago

Sue long ago
Looks silky smooth. ;-)

mike long ago
I Love this! I can guess - this is water near village Vydrion on Baikal! ;-)

Magaly long ago
Nice :-)

laith long ago
really its sooo wonderfull...

long ago
just so u dont get all good comments: i dont like it

saran long ago
excellent!! feel the smoothness :-)

Hadi 25 April 2008
beautiful mind !)

Rit@ 10 May 2008
isn't bad.. I'm kidding it's great :P

Abigail 19 October 2009
It's seriously awesome, but it doesn't look very good on my desktop.

Lynne 22 January 2011
What an awesome shot! You have a good eye for the unusual..

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