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A Cheshire Kitten

A Cheshire Kitten

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Comments 53

Kelcey · 15 June 2009
Yay, first to comment! This is a fabulous edition to your Wonderland series Vlad, I love it. I'm so greedy when it comes to your Alice images, I always want more... may I request the tea party, or the cards painting the roses, or the queen playing croquet with dodos... seriously though, my desktop loves you:)

Janko Falli · 15 June 2009
cuuute :)

Tybois · 15 June 2009
This totally reminds me of my cat Flatsky, who I swear smiles, from when he was a kitten. This is totally going on my desktop...and now it is :) Excellent work!

aya · 15 June 2009
Great! So beautiful and I like cat best.

Jynrya · 15 June 2009
Very cute!

Ladislav Fornusek · 16 June 2009
Great Vlad! :-)

Christina (Australia) · 16 June 2009
So cute! Brightens up my day, meow! :0)

· 16 June 2009
the cat has big boobs. i dont like it.

Michaela Basham · 16 June 2009
That. Is. So. CUTE!!! I LOVE your Cheshire Cat wallpapers! This one looks much less evil/manipulative than the adult.

Katherine Appleby · 16 June 2009
GRIN!!! :D

Sharon Robak · 16 June 2009
Another beauty Vlad! You never disappoint! I just upgraded my subscription to lifetime -keep em' coming.....

Michael · 17 June 2009
Very kool as always..thanks...Michael

Robert Marton · 17 June 2009
Hahhhaaa :)) This is a very cool cat :D Well done, my friend!

Ampit · 17 June 2009
He is really wonderful. My computer will be happy. Thanks

Carina Marano · 18 June 2009
I love cats, but I would love one with just the background and the really pretty tree.

Mary in America · 19 June 2009
I love love love this one! I am always checking your website for the next photo. I love your work. Wish you would publish a book with all of your wonderful photos. Plus you need to tell a little story on each of the photo of why it was developed, etc. so we can get a little feel of what you were thinking when you create these delights. Thanks again.....can't wait til the next one.

Antonio · 24 June 2009
Very beautiful!Could you post a picture with a black cat,please?Tanks a lot!

Mariya K-W · 14 July 2009
So much fluff-ness! :) :) :)

Pascal · 3 August 2009
Жаль нет возможности приобрести конкретную джепегу ... а так кошак отличный

x3me · 13 August 2009
Good work!

· 7 September 2009
it is very cute thanks for it

Eco-Chick · 18 September 2009
Go green, live, love, laugh. Have a nice life! I love this website! I just found it today, and I love it! I am going to get all of my wallpapers off of Vladstudios! Peace, love, happiness! :) Vladstudios are amazing!!!

cseh sándor · 13 October 2010
őrült jó

sandy · 16 January 2011
ithis is the best wallpaper website!

Surnix Shreshta · 12 April 2012
Stop coping others

sepi · 17 February 2013
o yah

Vlad Gerasimov · 15 June 2009
Kelcey: well it is not exactly an artwork about Alice in Wonderland story - Cheshire cat was never mentioned there as a kitten! It is just the idea associated with the story. Thanks! :-)

caspar · 15 June 2009
hey do u remem me vlad?? when you had that desktop of a toucan i had an idea for the clock version and you used it =] anywai its been cool looking at your wallpapers i got all of my friends checking your website pretty much daily for updates=] and i jus gotta say your amazing! luv the new pics especially this one! the nose looks relly cool =D

mkultra · 15 June 2009
ahahah funny

Anna Maria Wallace · 15 June 2009
Made my day! Thank you for that smile, Vlad! Anna

Richard · 16 June 2009
Cute. Reminds me of a Chia pet as well as a Cheshire Kitty.

Carl Willetts · 16 June 2009

elisa · 16 June 2009
So cute!!!

blader · 16 June 2009
More cat please, I love them~~~~~

Ivonna · 16 June 2009
You made my day sunny!! :)

Таня (Украина) · 16 June 2009
вот этот кошак у меня уже на часиках стоит! милашка! )))

Vlad Gerasimov · 16 June 2009
Sharon Robak: thank you very much :-)

jankadujava · 17 June 2009
I just love it !

Mary Raines · 17 June 2009
LOVE this!! It's purrfect!

Peter Dackers · 17 June 2009
Wonderful, haha! This will be my new wallpaper for a long time ;)

Grinskater · 17 June 2009

Lorena · 19 June 2009
Love the textures! Great job!

Isa du Pôle Nord · 20 June 2009
Congratulations. Some are nice, others cute or funny but all are very special.

Andy · 21 June 2009
Thank you ;)

Antonio · 22 June 2009
Bellissimo! Beautiful!!nAlso make a NERO as my beautiful cat? nI'd love !!!!!!!!!!!!

Masih · 9 July 2009
The Persian kitty cat on a green wave!...I liked it..thx :D

Steve · 30 July 2009
Great job

Zoom _(Iran) · 9 August 2009
hello ! it is great ! وال پیپر جدید چی داری ؟ بی زحمت یه خبری به ما بده ؟ نهایتا هفته دیگه خودم بهت سر می زنم می خوای آدرس بدم ؟ سر کاری بود !!! حالا بخندیم

Viviana · 9 November 2009
OMG!! That's awesome! I love it!!!

Omar Kasimov · 16 February 2010
thank you Vlad luchshie wallpaper ever! · 12 October 2011

Marija · 10 April 2012
I LOVE IT! You are a genious!!!!!

Lamppa · 31 December 2015
What an amazing smile! :D I like best the Hallmark version of the movie with Tina Majorino as Alice.

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