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Bound 4

Bound 4

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Comments 39

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
JazzMania - Vlad is short for Vladislav in my case :-)

virus · long ago
nice one

hello · long ago

António · long ago
Looks like a work made by M C Escher. Very nice.

JazzMania · long ago
Mr. Vladimir Gerasimov very interested about elephants...:-D

Diego · long ago
cute cute ute

birphborph · long ago
(Y) (L) this wallpaper! keep up the good work!

Ivy · long ago
Me like it :D

Bri · long ago
I must find out how to get one of these -- I mean a real one.

Matt · long ago
Oh very nice. The elephants make a wonderful addition to this series, looks absolutly spectacular.

pete · long ago
A small point... IMHO you should use either - a drop shadow for the whole talisman or - a drop shadow near the feet combined with reflection. not all three effects.

Coccinella · long ago
I like it very much! :-) I hope to see something like that with giraffes ;-)

MaGaLy · long ago
No Comments about this wallpaper :-P

MaGaLy · long ago
... :-P

Jaideep · long ago
Nope. I went throughout all existing dictionaries but failed to find any words that could describe this. And I know it will always be that way for any and all of the great masterpieces by Vlad! (L) (Y) ;-)

Matt · long ago
Nice, looks excelent.

leandro · 9 August 2008
nota 10,10,10

f2guardian · 22 April 2009
very nice

Tom@s · long ago
Great, absolutelly great!!! I'm really excited! Good job, Vlad

christine · long ago
A family all in one. Very cool (Y)

hello · long ago

virus · long ago
nice one

LucasDT · long ago
Nice woody efect... thou I like your blue wallpapers better. Nice job...

Lucia · long ago
So cute!!! ^^ i love the bound series i hope you make one with cats :-D

aks · long ago
this is a nice one................

aks · long ago
good work keep it up (Y)

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Bri - I think you could buy them somewhere in India!

pari · long ago
so cute. thanks

Narada · long ago

Vlad Gerasimov · long ago
Thank you! Pete, Matt - you're right. I removed the reflection.

Matt · long ago
I would sugest taking out some of the shadow at the feet, it takes away from the talisman, makes it look less....there, or solid....

Duarte · long ago
This one is the best I've ever seen. Congratulations! It is sooo cool.

Rohini · long ago
yeah...we r famous for elephants because one of our gods is an elephant nice work neway!!(Y)

natasha · long ago

artist4ever · long ago
Oh, to be one with nature and the animals. It's lovely! (L)

JaDe · long ago

kiaune · long ago
beautiful. why don't you do this with sheeps...? :)

· 22 April 2009
nice good

ROBIN · 11 December 2009
Nice pic.. i have download many more pic.

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