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Bound 2

Bound 2

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Comments {29}

goo goo long ago
cute! (Y)

mohsenmazarei long ago
خوب بود

Suzanne long ago
Beautiful; I like both the "Bound" images but the backdrop on this one is especially good.

fahime long ago
this is me :-)

Elisa long ago
Since I found your website I use *only* your wall papers. And bound1 is one of my favourits! (L) I like very much also this one and his colors!!! Bye Bye from Italy! :-)

upul long ago
'the best' wallpaper i ever had

MaGaLy long ago
I pReFeR tHe BoUnD WaLLpApEr :-) MaGaLy

BladeRunner long ago
Nice stuff, although I think the shadows are a bit heavy under the wooden talsiman.

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
To BladeRunner: I think you're right! I updated the wallpaper images and made shadow more gentle. Thanks.

Jose Daniel long ago
Great work Vlad... You know what? I've used the Bound wallpaper (the No. 1) in my laptop since you posted it. Thank you for your work!

Sam long ago
(Y) ur inspiring Vlad...Keep it up!

Anna Wallace long ago
;-D It is so lovely, Vlad!I don't know which one is more wonderful. Such Rich, woody colours, but the wood that is loved and polished often! You must love your wife very much to build such tender warmth into your backgrounds! If you ever get the buryat carving of the tiger - will you do a wallpaper with that? I hope!

Bob Plants 11 October 2008
Great Art

JOhnnyBoy 19 March 2011
Still one of my favourites....

مهرد long ago
الای قربونت برم دستت درد نکنه

Jaideep long ago
Damn, I just love these rustic earthy effects of yours Vlad, Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooo much (L)

Mahrad long ago
Come On! Don't use these sad colors. You're disapointin' me.(N)

marzi long ago
naaaaaaaaaa khosham oomad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mitoonid be karetoon edane bedid.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ediko long ago
vlad is wonderful

mitra long ago
خیلی عالی

Saumitra long ago
OMG .... Vlad, sooo good!! :-)

Ardavan long ago
:-) great

Aydin long ago
so good :-)

steffer long ago
Really, really like this one!!! Reminds me of fish or birds. "A bird may love a fish, but where would they live?" :-)

Merkoth long ago
Excellent work Vlad, keep it up! (Y)

::saathiyaana: 15 April 2008
glad to meet you vlad..!! very nice..!!

topstairyankee 29 May 2008
i'm thinking about getting a tattoo of this, i think its fantastic

Thion 19 October 2008
Whoooh - probably the best wallpaper I ever seen!

21 December 2011
Wow Your Wall papers are amazing and so unique, Kudos my friend =)

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