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Books (Color 3)

Books (Color 3)

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Comments 25

Moni Janzen · 15 February 2012
Oh, I love it even as a background for my computer desktop, too. I've only a few items on it and I simply put them onto different book pages. ;-)

AMPIT · 15 February 2012
Verry Good, Vlad. I had been waiting for a desktop background related with books and or reading and this one is perfect. Thanks once more.

ChristineA · 15 February 2012
Beautiful. I think the green is my favorite. Even tho it's very busy with all the books, it has a sense of rightness and peace about it. And I laughed when I spied your icon on one of the books. :D I think I'll have to look into Decalgirl. This would be an awesome skin for my MacBook Air since I use it for writing.

Lock · 18 February 2012
Wow, beautiful as usual. Thanks! :]

Deborah · 19 February 2012
These are wonderful. I love the green one - soothing even with the busy pattern. I have the library as my wallpaper now - time to change. :)

Nate · 23 March 2012
This is one of the coolest designs you've ever done! Love it!

neva · 13 April 2012
each one is perfect! -as always- and surely no wonder, it is alice ;))

Ria · 10 July 2012

Zaheen · 27 October 2012
Captivating Enough..

Ila:) · 16 November 2012
Very very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Roman Gogolev · 3 March 2013
Замечательные часы-обои, но не могу отделаться от ощущения, что раньше выбор был больше?- Новый дизайн сайта одобряю!=

cindy · 27 August 2014
beautiful handwriting!!

Eugenia Noriega Plancarte · 15 February 2012
It's lovely, thank you!

Joyce Clines · 15 February 2012
This is so great! This decal goes directly on my wish list for my birthday (in less than a month)! I already have the Decal Girl skin "Library" on my Nook. I get a LOT of compliments on it - especially when I'm in Barnes and Noble. ;)

Vlad Gerasimov · 15 February 2012
ChristineA: thanks! Everybody seems to like this green version more. Unfortunately only brown version is available as a skin at the moment.

ChristineA · 17 February 2012
Argh! I saw that. Might there be a chance of the green being offered in the future? If not, no worries as I don't think I'd have a problem finding another skin I'd like. :D Your work is so unique & beautiful it'd be a pleasure to have any of them on my MacBook!!

Rhonda · 3 March 2012
Love it!

Sara · 8 March 2012
This actually works great as a background on my Mac., which has the icons at the bottom unlike a PC. I absolutely love your art. Thanks so much!

Sol · 12 June 2012
each one is perfect!!! I really like the color of this one!! I wonder whether it is Alice inspired u with this ~~haha

Stephen ug · 13 August 2012
I preferred green ~ what's a lovely colour

Kim · 2 November 2012
Beautiful! Thank goodness its free, haha. Thanks!

Rahul · 3 February 2013
SOOOOOO......... GOOOOOOOOOD......... :) :> :*

divya · 7 August 2013
Heee looks lovely i'm waitig for this..,

ran · 19 September 2013

mj · 20 April 2014
love books

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