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Blue River

Blue River

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Comments 12

kacenka · 27 November 2008
Nice to be the first one to comment :-) I love this wallpaper! It is so powerful that it beats any Christmas one :-) (though they are really good ones this year :-). This one goes straight to my computer!

Aron Bury · 27 November 2008
Fantastic Work Vlad, once again, a simple, yet effective wallpaper.

Jaideep Nadkarni · 28 November 2008
Looks more like a river of several pieces of paper come out of a shredding machine. A cute, lovable, creative thought "as always".

Lucas Braun · 28 November 2008
Hey, I don't know how you keep coming up with simple new ideas like this. I would of thought you'd run out of such creativity by now. Thanks for sharing your work.

Neil Garside · 28 November 2008
I've often been tempted to comment but never quite got round to doing so, but this wallpaper has prompted me to break my habit! It's brilliant! So simple (though way beyond my Photoshop skills), and yet so effective. Thanks, Vlad!

marcus · 27 November 2008
Could you make some in Green, Brown, Red, Yellow etc... Vlad! Fantastic work as always. Grtz from Ostend,Belgium

Kareem Khazem · 27 November 2008
Really lovely. Simple, but provokes emotion

Leti · 28 November 2008
Very Nice!!!

Kaaru · 28 November 2008
This one, by its simplicity, really beats many other ones ! I love it.

Justin Murray · 28 November 2008
not really sure how you did this one vlad. nice work

Mufaddal · 29 November 2008
Blue is ur best as always :) i love ur abstracts a lot... especially how keep things simple in the overall look - a kind of 'Apple'-esque minimalism to it but with ur own special touch i'll always be back for more

Weebler · 12 January 2009
My favorite of all, I have it on all my screens. My wife loves it too, but was wondering if there could be a pink version. As always, Great work.

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