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Blogger (digg it digg it digg it)

Blogger (digg it digg it digg it)

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Comments {45}

Lauren long ago
I love this! I read Digg every day. :)

Jie long ago
This is awesome. Absolutely (L) it!

Philboy long ago
Just saw this on winmatrix. Awesome work (Y)

Emma long ago
haha I love's so clever!

f. long ago
This is like my Eren's and my relation..We can only speak with internet that have big crowded heads! I love u Ereeennn!!!

mitra long ago

mavi long ago
muy buenisimoooooooo! dig it?

Elyee-Ann long ago
Je trippe raide sur TOUTES les images. Fabuleux, merveilleux ! Those pictures are WONDERFUL ! I've never seen so beautiful images before ! THIS IS NOW MY FAVORITE WEBSITE ! :) Thanks for the art. x xx

olga long ago
mne ochen nravyatsya vashi raboti, i tutorials tozhe. och helpful ;)) Grüße aus Köln

sup191 long ago
Here's the link on Digg for anybody who wants to help get Vlad's awesome work to the masses: :-)

maliniak long ago
okay, you have. dugg :-).

Jeer long ago
It´s me :-O

Narada long ago
Lol. Perfectly characteristic of the blogging world! Excellent. This is more of a sketch or comic strip. Vlad it seems periodically you a lot more than just wallpapers!

Saurabh long ago
It's just b e a u t i f u l l y expressed ! Very nice work ! (Y)

bill long ago
looks just like my head.............. love it!

Judy K.:-D long ago
Looking at your artwork (or anyone's art, for that matter...) is like being able to see into their mind and soul -- and your mind and soul appear to be delightful! Thank you for sharing your wonderfully unique (and accurate!) take on blogging with us! lol

luis 14 February 2008
very nice

Fred Bayley 27 April 2008
Really cute!

****** 14 June 2008
well i look the same during my exams...;) awesome work buddy... u really deserve an award of.... "world's best wallpaper designer!!"

8 August 2009
Soooooooooooooooooo cute

chnaz 8 October 2011
i love your art veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice

ebrahem samy 8 August 2012
nice awy

florine85 long ago
I (L) THAt person. That person is ME.

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
Oh my! The Blogger wallpaper received Daily Deviation Award at deviantart - see That's so inspiring!

vishal long ago
A head weight for poor fellow!!!

Câline long ago
Love it!! Of course it receives an award! Congratulations Vlad! :-D

MikkiTaro long ago
another one of my favorites...your pictures are worth a thousand words and more, and you know exactly how to capture that...imaginative & thought-provoking (Y)(Y)

shalun long ago
Âëàä, ñïàñèáî çà îáîè, ÷òî âû äåëàåòå. Îáîè ýòîé ñåðèè äàâíî ïîäíèìàþò ìíå íàñòðîåíèå íà ðàáî÷èõ ñòîëàõ äîìàøíåãî è ðàáî÷åãî êîìïüþòåðîâ.

shalun long ago
:( Cyrillic is not supported. Vlad, thank you for wallpapers you do. The wallpapers of this series revive my spirit both in home and in work.

sup191 long ago
I have no idea where that sad face came from... stoopid cgi converter. :-)

kahi long ago
Heheh, nice! ;-) How long takes to create such a lettercloud?

Vlad Gerasimov long ago
kahi: thanks! it takes about an hour.

maliniak long ago
nice, have you posted it on digg?

Cynthia long ago
WOW! It's awesome! Thanks Vlad :-) :-D

Pawan long ago
Great Work Guys (Y)

susan long ago
:-D This is great!!! It really made sense to me, as a writer, I often feel as if i have a "head full of words" all colliding..I love how you expressed it in your own unique wonderful style. (L)(L)(L) it!!

mostafa long ago
it's not my head. he

angela long ago
it's like happen to my head now. thinking too much and make my head overload :-| anyway, i love this wallpaper!! :-)

Sid long ago
i dunno why vladstudio always create such an picture that always read my mind and suit with my situation. Exactly the same with my life. From a coupe big and small like me n my girl and now is the big brain try to dig out the letter to finish my project, Always luv you VLAD regards TUNG

qubra 9 November 2008
that's crazy...:D

3 August 2009

3 August 2009

simple nd unique work.

Avril 19 October 2011

Sara 23 October 2012
I do admire your mind! :D

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