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Atlantis Docking To The ISS

Atlantis Docking To The ISS

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Comments 23

Matt Bentley · 27 May 2010
Wonderful rendition! 25 years old and over 120 million miles traveled, its certainly the end of an era for that craft!

olearymo · 27 May 2010
awesome!! I just know there'll be a version with just the sun... Right? ;)

Joe MacDonald · 27 May 2010
Wow, just awesome, Vlad! I seriously thought this was a photograph at first glance but all of the little details you put in would be absent from a photo but enhance the whole without detracting from the majesty of the moment.

Rakesh · 29 May 2010
Awesome!! as usual Vlad

raoof · 30 May 2010
veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Aris · 3 June 2010
Well Done Vlad! As always great work...

Sam Yarborough · 5 June 2010
This is your best yet! Fantastic!!!

johnsarq · 13 June 2010
I still long vlad work, I just want to say that the way you work is excellent, most of your accomplishments are very good.

кода · 15 June 2010
Я из Украины) Обожаю Ваше творчество))

Viet Nguyen · 2 October 2010
Love this wall much :x

bebo · 28 December 2013
how can i make it wallpaper?

David · 27 May 2010
Simple yet great.

Matthew Long · 27 May 2010
Great work. Looks amazing

Martin Stružský · 27 May 2010
Great job, great natural wonder (take a look at videos at the link in this wallpaper's description), and last, but not least, great new logo Vlad. :-)

Péter Bosze · 28 May 2010
it's an instant classic from you. and of course an instant wallpaper. thanks.

chaitanya · 28 May 2010

Adam · 30 May 2010
Looks good, Vlad.

Lucy · 2 June 2010
Love all your work, Vlad! Super, super cool, unlike anything else on the net. I change my wallpaper every day according to my mood! :)

kola · 6 June 2010
looks amazing

Jaideep Nadkarni · 7 June 2010
Beautiful... except the sun could have been slightly brighter to look more like the sun. Bit dull here. I like this one better than one without Atlantis.

Valentina · 19 June 2010
Exellent I love it

otsen7 · 5 August 2010
great (as always)

this picture from photo make?! · 22 October 2014
realistic hybrid synthesis with animation

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