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Aquarium 2

Aquarium 2

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Comments {43}

Fady sobhy long ago
hi first i love very much putting wallpapers that makes me live in a world of imagination i download 100 s of wallpapers everyday i never entered any site written on these images but you pic. of the sun and the bike attracted me alot and i hate when people sell wallpapers or flash games or something like this but you deserve the money you want and i think you should set a gallery or something a make a huge photos like wall photos so that someone can make his wall a pic of those i belive the best of you isnt what you draw but the way you make the colors bring life even the colors of your site is so calm and made me feel comfort i hope for you the best and success all the way :)

estherka long ago
Could you, Vlad, please make some third version of this wallpaper? Aquarium 3 - Two fish together in sea! My friend thinks that it is about her and her boyfriend... :-) I am not sure, if it is possible, but we would be so glad! I admire your work...

Boby long ago

mE long ago
se ve tan padre!! algo sencillo pero con ese toque que hace que este tan buena la imagen!

NUCII long ago

Anon E. Mous long ago
I just like the smile on the fishy.

^_^ long ago
Tan emocionante como "liberad a willy".... Me encanta! es tan positivo ^_^

lan 007 long ago
estan super cool las imagenes que haces, muchas felicidades pocas son las personas con este talento y que lo sepas aprovechar es magnifico por ti, y para el mundo muchas gracias vlad!!! the images you make are soo cool!!!, congratulations!!! few persons have this talent, and that you can to take advantage of, is wonderful!!! for you and the world, thanks a lot!!!! vlad the triangle dudes are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!

Deni long ago
:-) Finally she found the true love ...So optimistic ...

Barb long ago
Nice replacement to aquarium 1. I was getting a tad sad for the little fishies

Lucia long ago
more optimist this version ;-) , thanks a lot ^^

Janice Chaves long ago
I am so glad . I loved the happy end. Cool!!!

Sandy long ago
me gustan sus motivo y diseños, son diferentes y mejores de los demàs

:D 16 January 2008

Banny 16 March 2008
Excellent........It's Perfect

::saathiyaana: 15 April 2008
i enjoyed that you given freedom to fish..!! really liked very much..!! :15'apr'08:

Stefano 15 April 2011
Vlad, Someone may think it's silly and kind of shallow in these days, but this is... well, moving. I'm pretty sure you will appreciate because I know what the goal of your art is :).

nikos 20 December 2016
I do miss the original version, it doesn't seem to be available anymore...

FISH long ago
Thank you!!!

Olga long ago

M long ago
This is GREAT!! The little fish escapes from the "cage" and returns to its origins... ;-)

Carol long ago
it looks nice on my laptop.

gökben long ago
cok güzel bir resim.harika

tina long ago

gökben long ago

B.A long ago
its nice too ... i hope designer will make new version opposite this wallpaper , so free fish jump to aquarium ;) it will be so emotional i guess ;)

pigfish long ago

NUCA long ago

mozz- long ago

Kpru long ago
espectacular!!!! espero que haya más entregas de la saga aquarium!!!!! gracias vlad por tus diseños tan geniales y por ofrecer una alternativa tan buena!

mikkitaro long ago
lovely! it's hopeful & optimistic, and the fish looks happy...i hope Bob the cat isn't watching nearby...(Y)

Paul long ago
I like this much better than the earlier version. It's interesting that I'd have such an emotional reaction to the other wallpaper, but this one lifts my spirits -- thanks for the update!

Dani Arteri long ago
Cute! I loved the first version, and this one is just as good! :-D

Shery long ago

birol long ago
happy ending? or shall we wait for aquarium 3 ? :-)

Karen long ago
I am so glad the fishy is free. The bowl was depressing, he wouldn't live long in there. Thank you for the happy ending, Vlad. I wonder whether you are a fish keeper?

emi long ago
You saved fish!

arash(iran) long ago
(Y) (N) (L) (U)

Rit@ 15 May 2008
Cute thank you

Marce B. 11 October 2010
is wonderful

jing 4 December 2011
aquarium 1 and 2 - a heartwarming love story

Simona 2 April 2013

OttoST 8 March 2016
The aquarium with fish bones has disappeared :( I like it! (I want it for my new mac resolution).

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