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A moment before the dark

A moment before the dark

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Comments 34

|unknown| · long ago
Unreal! :-)

miki · long ago

sadi · long ago
good picture

Sirio · long ago
speechless :-)

cool boy adsh · long ago
not cool but my gf like it

$@ndM@n · long ago
It's at once simple, and darkly enchanting. I like it. ;-)

Seyed · long ago
- Wow

Croft · long ago
Absolutely Amazing :-O

Lala · long ago
groovy/creepy im diggin it dawg

daisy · long ago
(L) sweet (L)

Jaideep · long ago
quite haunting too ;-)

son · long ago

Grace · long ago
amazing nice work

Ekando · long ago
Its gives off a cold comfort. Excellent.

rockdevilgirl · long ago
Bagus! :-)

Renzo · long ago
WOW, your art work is so cool, keep up the good work mate!

Alina · 11 December 2010
A moment before just feel could someone ask \"what the heck\"? :) one of my favourites drawings...

xenon · long ago
love ıt cut up

One Drop · long ago
How can someone express so much with just a few lines?

Laura · long ago

Brett · long ago
Dark and spooky but thats the attraction(Y)

NIMA SADAT · long ago

SahAnd · long ago
A moment befor sleep!

betty · long ago

Moo · long ago
Just the thing I need for those late nights working on my computer :)

Chris · long ago
These wallpapers are absolutely amazing! Thank you and keep up the good work!

Jaideep · long ago
Uniquely different and enchanting!

Franco · long ago
Really interesting!!

evelyn231 · long ago

Deathstrike · long ago
It's very nice, very emotional!!! I love this wallpaper=)

Almond · long ago

b4 · long ago
watching Your work I think, that You are very gentle, emotional, and good person - thank You and good luck with everything

Colin Walker · 28 January 2008
I love this one.

NoOne · 30 September 2012
i love this the most of all

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