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Alice and Her Dragon Skiing

Alice and Her Dragon Skiing

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Comments 25

theofilos kalpakidis · 7 December 2011
nice dragon!

Minh Vu · 7 December 2011
Simply Awesome! :D

shaby · 7 December 2011
isn't this your daughter? she's a cutie!

Anar Quliyev(from Azerbaijan) · 7 December 2011
Your pictures are beautiful!!!!!!

ayla · 7 December 2011
Alice ve ejderha için şahane bir zaman; çok keyifli görünüyorlar

Heidi · 7 December 2011
Absolutely adorable! A dragon, lots of blue, snow... What else could I ask for? This goes straight to my desktop.

Siavash Mortazvi · 8 December 2011
Hi Velad, I really like this style of yours; I prefer this to more modern or 3D-look artworks, Well done ;)

stan · 9 December 2011
Finally! This kind of your wallpaper again. Becouse of them I love your work :):)

Lya · 10 December 2011

Jorge · 11 December 2011
Very nice Vlad! Are Christmas wallpapers coming? We are looking forward to enjoy this season with your awesome wallpapers :)

Vlad Gerasimov · 11 December 2011
Jorge: I sincerely hope so! My time no longer belongs to me, but I'll do what I can.

AMPIT · 13 December 2011

Guardiana · 21 January 2012

James Wood · 20 February 2014
Just brilliant, wonderful art! I finally bought a Premium account because I had to pay something for art this beautiful, and so that I could get access to other sizes of desktops. I think your work is terrific! Thank you so much...

Karl Mogren · 7 December 2011
Finally one of your "childish" pieces. I've missed them!

Marie · 7 December 2011
Love it !

Ziani · 7 December 2011
Wonderful...wanted a Xmas wallpaper...thanks :)

Dirk Niemegeers · 7 December 2011
Lang geleden dat je het nog eens een echte "Vlad" deed: een héél mooi kunstwerk! Je verleert het echt niet. Chapeau!

Someone in the world · 7 December 2011
SO CUTE!!! and detailed. :)

Eva · 8 December 2011

Kelcey · 8 December 2011
This is super-mega-awesome, I love it to bits:)

Daniel Pfuhl · 8 December 2011
Hi Vlad, nice picture - as always ;-) I'm looking for a winter / x-mas wallpaper for my Blackberry Playbook. As you might know it is a little hard to find a nice pic which looks good in landscape and portrait orientation on the playbook My favorite picture from you - "noel" - is not looking nice on my playbook :-( Do you have an idea to change noel to make it suitable? Or maybe you can derive a very simple plain winter / snowflake design of another picture? Cheers, daniel

Brian · 12 December 2011
Wonderful and adorable! Keep up the good work, Vlad!

An admirer · 15 December 2011
Very nice... I set it to my desktop. Vlad: Can you do a nativity for us religious people out here? Would very much appreciate it!

nicole · 13 February 2012
its awesome!

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