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14 Owls

14 Owls

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Comments 10

Heidi · 15 August 2017
You can do no wrong with owls. ♥ I love the upside down one; adorable little detail. So glad you're back!

Bert · 15 August 2017
Vlad, very happy you're back. I've been enjoying your backgrounds on a daily rotation for years, so it's nice to have a new one to add to my collection. Best always!

roby · 16 August 2017
I love this one! owls are my favorite.

KSH · 18 August 2017
Welcome back, Vlad.

Danielle Greer · 1 September 2017
So happy to see new wallpapers! I love owls. Thank you

Kelcey · 15 August 2017
You've still got the skills Vlad! I too am really thrilled you're back:)

Oziel · 15 August 2017
I love what you do and wish all the best! I've missed you, Vlad.

Sophie · 16 August 2017
Lovely to see another addition to my desktop backgrounds, and to see you’re back! I’ll be counting the glowing buds…

Victor · 17 August 2017
Thank you for coming back! Greetings from Brazil

Ozzie Scribbler · 30 August 2017
Awww, I always wished for a purple vladstudio wallpaper with owls. This is a great comeback gift from you :D Any chance for a penguin and/or chicken wallpaper somewhere down the line?

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