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Wallpaper clocks - specs for software developers

If you have software related to desktop management, I encourage you to add WCZ support to your app - your users will get tons of nice desktops showing time and date!

What your software should do?

In background mode: Read current time and date, compose an image from WCZ package, set is as desktop wallpaper, every minute.

In foreground mode: You can also use seconds images and update the image every second (not recommended in background mode, to avoid CPU load).

What is WCZ?

WCZ is "Wallpaper Clock Zip"-file. It is ZIP file containing the following files:

Required: Optional: Optional (in foreground mode):

All images have the same dimensions. One WCZ file represents one clock design resized for one specific screen size (English by default). Example: myclock-800x600-en.wcz.

WCZ settings (clock.ini)

		name=Big ben
		author=Vlad Gerasimov
Explanation of variables:

How wallpaper should be generated

Every minute program should calculate: current minute, hour, day, weekday, month, am/pm.

From these values, program takes appropriate PNG files from WCZ package, and composes them with BG.JPG, generating new image.

Example: suppose we have 12:34 AM Monday 5 June. Program should compose image from the following files (in this order):

If any image does not exist, simply skip it (without error).

Last step is: set generated image as desktop background.

More about HOUR0..HOUR59 images

you may be confused with my explanations of how to treat 'hour' images. Let me try to sum up the different scenarios of working with hour images.
variant 1: clock.ini has That means that the skin includes hour0...hour59.png and you should rotate hour image every 12 minutes.
variant 2: clock.ini has That means that the skin includes hour0...hour23.png and you should rotate hour image every 60 minutes.
variant 3: clock.ini has That means that the skin includes hour0...hour23.png but you should only take hour0...hour12.png and rotate hour image every 60 minutes (0..12, then 1..11).
variant 4: clock.ini has


Please provide the following features:

Clocks list

There should be a folder where all WCZ files are stored. "Change Wallpaper Clock" window should list all WCZ files.


"Options" window




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