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Vlad Gerasimov 1 Julho 2011
The new version of Mac OS X, Lion, is coming soon! In 2009, I created the Snow Leopard wallpaper (to celebrate the Snow Leopard release), so  I wanted to take this opportunity and continue the series. So, I'm happy to introduce the Lion wallpaper!

This wallpaper is 100% free, all sizes are available for download. And that's not all:

Here it the Lion icon!


Download icon (Windows, Mac, PNG)

Download Adium Dock Icon

You can put this icon to folder or app on your computer, or use as  an avatar for social network or online community. Note - this is for personal use only! Please contact me if you have questions..

But wait! There's more!

Check out the video tutorial - Lion - making of!

This time, I did not forget to turn on the screen recording. Please visit the tutorial for more information, 3-minute short video, as well as real-time 3-hour video file showing the entire process.

Thanks, and enjoy! Meow!

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Comentários {73}

Oziel 1 Julho 2011
Too cute! Thx Vlad! More, please...

Anja Novak 1 Julho 2011
Absolutely perfect, thank you :)

Robin 1 Julho 2011
Awesome! Love it, unfortunately the Adium icon link leads to a 403 error

mokna 1 Julho 2011
Veeeeery nice! You are great, thank you!

Vlad Gerasimov 1 Julho 2011
Maria: рад что понравилось :-)

ChristineA 1 Julho 2011
I think I just passed out from the cuteness! LOL. Love it! Thanks so much Vlad for making such amazing wallpapers. :D

Ziani 1 Julho 2011
Oh wow...this is awesome....he is adorable...thank you very much :)

Tina Sâmia 2 Julho 2011

Livanco 3 Julho 2011
Очень красиво но глаза бы пожелтее ) Спасибо жду не дождусь льва!!!

camy 3 Julho 2011
sooooo cute!!!

Rodger Werner 4 Julho 2011
Thank you Vlad! This looks sweet!

J. 5 Julho 2011
Wow! It's really amazing how much work went into making this wallpaper! Thank you for sharing your work process, it was an eye opener :)

Vanessa 7 Julho 2011
Muito bonito o leãozinho

Luke 7 Julho 2011

Dragos M. 8 Julho 2011
Mister... you are my hero :) To have the patience to hand draw all those leaves .. and add shading on them ... Very good work. Thank you for sharing the movie. Great experience.

Christian 10 Julho 2011
Awesome work! What about doing this with an ocelot for the upcoming ubuntu release? You can submit the wallpaper until 11th august over at flickr and with a bit of luck it will ship with ubuntu 11.10 in october. I think you'll have plenty of luck with such a cute wallpaper (as long as you don't use text or the ubuntu logo - they don't want this in wallpapers).

Sybelle 18 Julho 2011
Wonderful! I have this on my desktop at work...at Apple. I was hoping you'd make a Lion one too!!!! My co-workers think that the Snow Leopard one has had too much caffeine. lol.

Joanna 23 Julho 2011
Słodkie :) Moje dziecko to lubi :)

dragoncracker 23 Julho 2011
its nice to have finally found the guy who made the image that I use for my rEFIt icon (snow leopard soon to be lion) wish you had a paypal donate button so i could say thanx

Jehzeel Laurente 24 Julho 2011
wow! you're so awesome! and the lion is sooo cute!

Danny 6 Agosto 2011
Vlad, you are incredible! It's simply amazing what you are able to do!

Hi 9 Agosto 2011
it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! LOVE IT!!

elizabeth 23 Agosto 2011
adorable. Love the lion. Id love to see a lamb right next to it. Yess, twilight lover :p

jehzlau 27 Agosto 2011
Oh.. my mistake. The dimensions were right. :D

Alex 20 Setembro 2011
Vlad, I have been continually astounded by your work and this is no exception. Super nice! Makes me wish I had your skill set ;)

Peter 3 Novembro 2011
einfach nur schön, mmmmmmhh

setzzz 15 Novembro 2011
very lovely!!!.. thank you~~~

Neo's 3 Março 2012
Yas yas!!!

theofilos kalpakidis 10 Março 2012
The download icon link doesn't work anymore. Can we have it again?

Alexandru 6 Maio 2012
I suggest that all iMac's to come with this wallpaper !

Vlad Gerasimov 7 Maio 2012
Vince - I fixed the broken link. Thanks

Vince 7 Maio 2012
Great! Thanks for this incredible cute icon.

NJ 6 Setembro 2012

Satish 25 Setembro 2012
That's awesome :D

priya 3 Março 2013
awesome i just love this

no name 27 Dezembro 2013
ooooh! How cute it is !

Grok 1 Julho 2011
Замечательно! Сразу видно, что эта кошка - продолжение снежного леопарда! :) Спасибо!

Vlad Gerasimov 1 Julho 2011
Robin: fixed! Should be working now.

Maria 1 Julho 2011
Большое спасибо за очаровательные обои :)

Oomu 1 Julho 2011
thank you a lot for all the nice gifts, the adium icons and all

Sherry Surdam 1 Julho 2011
Adorable!! Are you going to do it in additional colors as well? You do great work and I always look forward to your emails

keisuke yamamoto 2 Julho 2011

Jorge 2 Julho 2011
Awesome wallpaper. We missed you Vlad!

Sandra 3 Julho 2011
És precióoooooossss!!! Moltes gràces!

Im :) 3 Julho 2011
love it...but I think it looked better with smaller eyes...it's still amazing though!

Im :) 3 Julho 2011
actually...love the big eyes too! (see above) :)

Elis 4 Julho 2011

Priya 5 Julho 2011
Cool 1... Good job...

Nick 6 Julho 2011
Love it!! Don't suppose you have one with text (like the Snow Leopard one)? Thanks

Franco 7 Julho 2011
2 cute!!!!!!!! I love it. Great work

doglover 9 Julho 2011
You are the best wallpaper maker in the world any wallpaper i get is ALLWAYS from you ,your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John 11 Julho 2011
Has it really been that long since your snow leopard one? Even better work! I would like to see a text version as well just like the snow leopard.

min 15 Julho 2011
Awesome!!!, Cute Lion

Luke 16 Julho 2011

Jo 21 Julho 2011
very very cute

iMaxEst 21 Julho 2011
Спасибо Влад, как всегда, шикарно! Забрал. У меня "Снежок" твой простоял всю жисть :-) Вот только просьбочка: хотелось бы Лёву с подписью названия системы, также, как было сделано два варианта (с подписью и без) для снежка. Пустовато. Можно надеяться?

Daniela 24 Julho 2011
Too cute! I upgraded OS X Lion yesterday and this wallpaper is a "must have". It sure looks great on Cinema display!

SGI 6 Agosto 2011
Another cutie. Thanks Vlad

Belle 12 Agosto 2011
Aww! So cute! Vlad, you never fail to impress.

jehzlau 27 Agosto 2011
The 320x480 version of the wallpaper is not 320x480. :(

dreamer lay 3 Setembro 2011
cuttie.I love it. :)

gasya 25 Setembro 2011
милооотаа такая :3

laura=9 11 Outubro 2011
el leon es una monada

soso asoo 29 Novembro 2011
i want a crab

thantzin 2 Fevereiro 2012
thank you so much for your photo.

nATALIE 13 Março 2012

deea 17 Março 2012
very nice...:*

Vince 7 Maio 2012
Too bad. I love the snow leopard icon for Adium. So i thought you may have created one for lion and so it is, but sadly its not possible to be downloaded. It would be great if you could fix it. You do so great work.

mo 1 Setembro 2012
me gusta

shyaam 15 Setembro 2012
ahhhhhhhhhhh! it's cuteeeee

YUNJAE SUH 21 Outubro 2012
Lovely wallpaper!

apple 3 Julho 2013
cute :) love the color

Jean-François Pénichoux 26 Novembro 2014
superbe, le petit lion. Je l'ai adopté ! Merci.

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