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Vlad Gerasimov · 1 Abril 2007
This is the version of previous wallpaper, but without characters, plain library, for those who requested it! Enjoy! Thanks.

← Malevich - Black Square Rock Carvings →

Comentários 91

marzi · Há muito

Normal · Há muito
it's easy & normal , where's the art ?

asuka · Há muito
i like books~!!!!

Andrey Popov · Há muito
Good work!! But google is much much more!!

vj3-k2l · Há muito
s0 k0ol!!! ^______^

Alfa.Alex · Há muito
Veramente carino. Very nice

carolifen · Há muito
yes, i really really enjoy it. thanks Vlad! i love reading so much!!! "i want to go there and reading some books;)" oops,1more thing: where's the sofa???

puteniene · Há muito
grazus paveikslai

Justin · Há muito
im pretty sure the little door is the way in to the data library..

Stefko · Há muito
You amaze me evrey day Vlad!

MikkiTaro · Há muito
beautiful...(Y)...where does the little door at the bottom lead to?

mostafa · Há muito
pAs ShErA kAsI OnjA NiSt ha

Dee · Há muito
I just love this - I love all your work, but to make the technical whimsical - what a gift!

preet_hipno · Há muito
its cool creation (Y)

aparna · Há muito
I love this one! Has become my fav! :-D I have to say this has been one of the type of wallpapers you won't find anywhere else! Totally in love with it!(L)

mike · Há muito
can you keep the little people in the picture w/o the bubbles? i like the little people. thanks!

listening · Há muito
(N) dno down

reggie · 8 Janeiro 2008
this is my very favorite of all the collection on this site! great work!

Krishna · 2 Abril 2008

silvia · 8 Maio 2008

Barbara · 25 Maio 2008
Wow! This is amazing!

Javier · 30 Maio 2008
Esta web es una joya

Caryne · 17 Setembro 2008
Absolument brillant. Wow, wow et re-wow. J'adore ton art, j'adore ton coup de crayon, j'adores tes couleurs. J'ADORE!

Heidi Voigt · 23 Outubro 2008
This is my favorite wallpaper of all time. Any chance of a tutorial to go along with?

BM · 16 Dezembro 2008
looks warm ! i want to read a book! Thanks!

· 14 Janeiro 2009
Thanks, Thanks, thanks... Ana

Isiliel · 28 Fevereiro 2009
I thing this is my most beloved of your wallpapers! I remembered it today and came to see it again. Greetings from Greece.

littleladygoldie · 1 Abril 2009
dont know why but reminds me of harry potter... but i mean it in a good way.

Lubos Jirasek · 15 Maio 2009
One of my the most favorite. It has absolutly fantastic atmosphere !!!

Tanja · 21 Outubro 2009
Awesome :)

Ashar Niazi · 21 Dezembro 2009
owsum yaar

bubba · 9 Janeiro 2010
very good...

adrian · 31 Maio 2010
Super grover. 4Ever-W Rytmie Disco.

· 15 Julho 2010

Thomas Albrecht · 1 Novembro 2010

lost in admiration · 10 Dezembro 2010
you are AMAZING!! what beautiful, magical work you do! I hope you are rich and famous because you got talent, whoever you are!

keltse · 19 Julho 2011
woya! cool~

· 31 Julho 2011
where are the sprits

· 24 Novembro 2011
Thanks for all your art

Shay · 14 Dezembro 2011
Lovely! Thank you! =)

May-Irene · 2 Janeiro 2012
Thank you for sharing your warmhearted work!

martha · 17 Março 2012
wow q bello fondo de pantalla nunca antes visto genial!!!!! graxias :D

Kate · 1 Maio 2012

Pooja · 3 Maio 2012

fateme · 8 Agosto 2013
kheili khoob*mersi

eyzo30 · 10 Fevereiro 2015
nice thats a beautiful wall

Linda Kolar · 29 Dezembro 2017
Howdy! I love your stuff. I came across a Kindle cover using this image, and I thought I'd let you know in case they didn't have a license for it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072MJ1BTR/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza

HawkPunk7 · Há muito

ee · Há muito
the best ever

chirag · Há muito

Mon · Há muito
Excellent work!! awesome..simply love your art :)

Vishals · Há muito
Fantabulous.. (y)

amy · Há muito
beautiful, perfect for the coming cold months... and classes!

librarian from croatia · Há muito
magic! love from Croatia!

Matt · Há muito
Absolutely incredible!

gudusina · Há muito
puikus piesiniai

Cynthia · Há muito
WOW! This is a bonus Vlad! Heap Thanks! :-)

Dave · Há muito

penguin · Há muito

HawkPunk7 · Há muito
(Y) Billiant. You are a true Artist with a wonderful and warm site. Thank You.

Fransheska · Há muito
Vaya!!! Tienes una imaginación desbordante, eres genial(Y).

Liisa · Há muito
Could we get some wallpapers with brighter, happier colors? You've been using a lot of brown lately.. Love your work, keep it up :)

Susan Azar · Há muito
Fabulous, just fabulous, candy for the eye. Seriously Sincere, Susan Azar

Jennifer · Há muito
Very good! I've been looking for something just like this for a long time. Thanks! You do wonderful work!

mouse · Há muito
Lame, but not as lame as data center.

LayZ · Há muito
Your power of imagination is amazing vlad...its a gift,and you have put it to good use..I'm a big fan of your work buddy.. :)

:: saathiyaana : · 16 Abril 2008
very fine work..!! really so impressive..!!

Pia · 8 Maio 2008
Vlad - You, Sir - are The King - I love this wallpaper - I have changed to others every now and then, but this one is my favourite. Bookalicious. Love your work!

Marian the Librarian · 10 Junho 2008
I'm a librarain, what more can I say..... LOVE IT!!!

Mz. Marianne-The Librarian · 29 Setembro 2008
I love your work Vlad! This is my background at my work station and everyone who comes into my office loves it! Thank you for sharing your creations with the world. I wish you all the best!

Nicka · 14 Dezembro 2008
i love this picture

ANA · 10 Janeiro 2009
nice wallpaper.but i just want you guys to add some artist wallpaper from indie band..i've tried to find them but its really disappointing..you guys knew augustana band?please i really want their wallpaper

nicka · 29 Março 2009
мені дуже подобається ця картинка...дуже красива:)

Lauren · 3 Abril 2009
You are the best

Bakey · 29 Abril 2009
hedan alus pisan !!!!!!!!

ventik · 19 Outubro 2009
kráása !! cool ! :):-*

· 19 Dezembro 2009

BlueCat · 3 Janeiro 2010

Phil · 30 Janeiro 2010
I wish I could buy one at a time for my desktop wallpaper 1680x1050. I'll have to save up. Meanwhile, I'm thankful the low res version is available.

owoc · 19 Junho 2010

Crazyjo · 6 Setembro 2010
I,m just craaaaaaaaazy about this work, like cuckoobananas crazy in love with it. Thank you for driving me crazy!

Stefano · 15 Abril 2011
You know what? Without characters, now candles really stand out - they went kind of unnoticed before! Shame on me! :)I

· 31 Julho 2011
اكثر من رائع

shiva · 26 Outubro 2011

레힐 · 14 Dezembro 2011

eli · 23 Dezembro 2011
You amaze me evrey day Vlad!

... · 12 Março 2012
cute and cool picture .... love it (y)

Dominika · 18 Março 2012
I just bought this as a vinyl sticker for my Kindle and it's great (although a bit dark in printed version). When I took a closer look, I couldn't believe my own eyes. Could you please, please tell me how it happened that the book titles are in Polish? :)

Haziq · 15 Junho 2013
Nice place:) I realy want to go thr

gamer1312 · 12 Junho 2014
niiiice 1

Henriette Wullems · 27 Setembro 2017
This image is also used on a tote bag at usgearlaunch.com I hope they pay you

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