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Vlad Gerasimov 18 Abril 2004
Dedicated to  my cat, named Bob.

← Skiing Building of the Eiffel Tower →

Comentários {59}

Yasmin MacLean Há muito

musasabi Há muito
Thank you !! from Japan.

ced Há muito
This has always been a fav.(L)

Magda Há muito
this cat seems to be caught red-handed:) it's marvelous!!!great job

Whitley Há muito
haha funny....I have two cats. This is very cute.

Areeba Há muito
my comment is that your smiles are superb ok.

kate Há muito
its so lovely . I love cats very much . I had a cat but she dead her name was Serafina

Hanan Há muito
oh my god why are you people so gay like pooooohahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camila Há muito
(from Chile. It's a country, hahaha.) I'd love a blue Bob, please!!. That would make absolutely happy. I have 3 cats, they look like Bob. Anyway, thank you so much for your wallpapers. They're just addictive.

Terri Há muito
I love Bob!

lorynne Há muito
i think he is CUTE!

Tanya Há muito
I love it! A fantastically creative artist with a cat named "Bob"! This is a must have. I hope you do more of Bob, he's too cute not to. (Y)

Jaideep Há muito
Oh! The "Building of the Eiffel Tower" made more sense after seeing this one, lol. Good one, though. ;-)

christina Há muito
Love it! :-)

Eran Há muito
Remind me of the cats at the parking :-) Good work! (Y)

Há muito
I agree with Ingrid's comment. It's spring time soon - brown and grey fit nicely into autumn and winter.

son Há muito

Michel Há muito
what a cat :-)

Melody Há muito
Love the cat! He has definitely got a personality. As a total cat person, I thank you for this great painting!

Dara Há muito
Hallo Vlad! :) I kind of stumbled about your page... and I love your work. The digital paintings you do - in my opinion they should be exhibited in real galleries... All my best wishes to you- and a big thank you for the cat, 'the two' and all those beautiful giraffes. Yours, Dara

Rick Há muito
Bob is the Eiffel Tower? :-) (Y)

Ekando Há muito
Hmm, i think i saw him up a tree yesterday ;-)

Melody Há muito
By the way, any more "Bob specials" on the way? I would love to see more portraits of Bob the cat with different background colors.

BONNIE 22 Fevereiro 2008

Jan Blazicek 17 Junho 2008
I'd totally love to see this one on a t-shirt. Anyway a great picture. I just love your expression of animals.

Ricky Maveety 17 Julho 2009
Gee, because one person doesn't like cats, you are not supposed to do anymore artwork with cats?? I for one LOVE "Bob." It is wonderfully whimsical, and I love the juxtaposition with the Eiffel Tower. I almost wish you would do one of Bob with the Eiffel Tower. I think you are an amazing artist. Your work has developed to a point where I am in constant awe of your talent.

Anne-Marie Há muito
My cat is named...BOB, and I never heard of a cat with that name, until now...GREAT

tereza Há muito

fff Há muito

ced Há muito
This has always been a fav.(L)

aimzzz Há muito
Bob made my day-- maybe my week! :-D

V4NY Há muito
wow lovely (L)

Divya Há muito
Why is the cat on the hat?

Areeba Há muito
my comment is that your smiles are superb ok.

ricardjorg Há muito
if you (Hanan) don't like the pictures or the comments, just learn to appreciate

Hanan Há muito
kiss it

Christine Há muito
This is great! I have a cat named "Bob"! He is a black and grey tiger striped cat, and at times, he has very wide eyes. Also, his tail curls at the end and we call it his "question mark" tail. This wallpaper totally reminds me of our Bob. I am definitely adding it to my Vlad collection!!!

GZ Há muito
Super! I like cats very much!

Jennifer Há muito
I love this kitty!!! :-D But I'm sad the tip of his curly tail is cut off on the dual screen version

asuana Há muito
êîøêè - ìîè ëþáèìûå æèâîòíûå, à â ýòîãî ÿ âëþáèëàñü ñ ïåðâîãî âçãëÿäà (L)

aaqua123(Lisa) Há muito
very cute. I have a cat too and it sometimes strikes a similar pose to this one.

Wacky Há muito
coool! :-D

Há muito

Ingrid Há muito
I just love the cat! But I am a cat lover, so no big surprise there :-)

Diane Sutton Há muito
not my scene, but it's cute

fishingshrimp Há muito
i just LOVE that facial expression... :)

bean Há muito
I have a cat named Bob and he looks suprisingly just like this. thanks again vlad! :-)

nEA Há muito
Definitively my absolut favourite!! Possible to have other great funny cats wp?? I just adore it!!

Mahmood Há muito
Cool !!! :-D

echoes Há muito

Kelly Há muito
just one word.....WOW (Y)

wayhong Há muito
OH~! I like this picture! Is it a "long tail cat"?...Haha!:-)

lisa Há muito
Love this !! Animal expressions are the greatest !

Katty 27 Janeiro 2008

penny!! 22 Fevereiro 2008

Rit@ 28 Abril 2008
I hate cats.. :( they are stupid please don't do more wallpapers with cats...

Amber 11 Novembro 2008
I love Bob. More cats please!!!

Daniela Scarpellini 19 Fevereiro 2010
It's so pretty

SmArTcOOkie:) 1 Abril 2010

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