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Whale (Night)

Whale (Night)

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Comentários 20

terese · 29 Maio 2008
I visit your sight often and enjoy myself everytime--your work is utterly charming...please continue...

Marija · 29 Maio 2008
Very nice,very cute :)

Any · 29 Maio 2008
I can say,that every day i see youre site. Every time new wallpapers and everytime they are SUPERRRR!(Great) I love yore work!

pawell · 2 Junho 2008
Влад, сделай обою с маяком. В маяках что-то есть, а с твоим мастерством - это вообще будет замечательно!

lhoBas · 9 Junho 2008
T-Shirt's would be amazing. Someone, send a e-Mail to VladStudio!

Vlad Gerasimov · 9 Junho 2008
lhoBas - I read all comments :-) Just need some time to add t-shirts to my website, but I promise it will be done soon! Thanks.

Cat Bubble · 12 Julho 2008
I really like both of these whales.... I can see them both at other sides of the globe thinking of each other....... even though that sounds very cheesy. Also, I think an armadillo wallpaper would be awesome and cool..... I always enjoy your wallpapers!

Bruno · 23 Outubro 2012
Loved this one! Thanks

AMPIT · 29 Maio 2008
Enjoyed it as always. Thanks again.

Shelley · 29 Maio 2008
This is SO CUTE!

Dusty Wolf · 29 Maio 2008
Vlad, I just love this one! Thanks A Whopper!!

Jaz · 1 Junho 2008
Amazing, amazing, amazing!

kxiang · 1 Junho 2008
the only thing i can complain about is the number of days i've to wait for a new wall. love it!

Ruby Pipes · 3 Junho 2008
Optimizing it for a t-shirt? You should sell t-shirts..

Talia · 8 Junho 2008
T-shirts are actually an awesome idea. I'd definately want to wear vladstudio designs!

none · 11 Junho 2008
keep moving forward :)

bhupendra · 18 Junho 2008

marius · 26 Fevereiro 2009
ho girato in lungo e in largo internet, dopo giorni di sabbia e sole un'oasi mi è apparsa,piena di sfondi d'ammirare...

pau · 22 Dezembro 2011
esto es realmente un mundo ideal

Jirka Czech rep. · 23 Dezembro 2012
Úžasné (Great)

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