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The Tree of Books

The Tree of Books

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Comentários 74

Terrie · Há muito
What wonderful pictures! and to think you do this "in your spare time"! Thank you so much for sharing.

Liz · Há muito
I love this wallpaper and all of your others as well. Keep up the fantastic job!

Maynor Mijangos · Há muito
Simply beautiful.

marzi · Há muito
ye!!!!!!!!!! this is bester us liberary!!!!!!

defa · Há muito
bohat se kitabain

Suz · Há muito
What a fabulous concept! Love the desktop backgrounds you share! They enrich my life by making my desktop(s) a lot more friendly. Thank you!

Maryo · Há muito

Karin · Há muito
I love books, I love trees and I love this pictures so much

w.c · Há muito

carolina · Há muito
sus trabajos son simplemente hermosos....querria complementar este mensaje con una frace::"los sabios no HACEN a la sabiduria, sino la sabiduria a los sabios" ........... besos

Thy · Há muito
Superbe, ça me rappelle le "Tree of Life" de Gustav Klimt que j'ai dans mon salon. Le livre c'est la vie. Wonderful, it remind me "Tree of Life" a Gustav Klimt's painting I've got in my living room. Book is life.

Jojo · Há muito
love it!!! my fav

Lauren · Há muito
This is one of my favs. :)

Ribbot · Há muito
cool......i guess

Jan Blazicek · Há muito
Hey man, stop making so many great wallpapers. I switched to the sand watches one yesterday and you already want me to switch again...I havent fully enjoyed it yet :D

Bea · Há muito
Beautiful. :-)

mannykitty · Há muito
Brilliant, the best one from "the two and the bubbles" :D

ikajoseph · Há muito
woooooooawhh.. nice pic !

ricardjorg · Há muito
i will only pick books from the floor - they're ready to read

feng shaun · Há muito
I can't say anything else but "Great work as always"

Karla · Há muito
Me gusta... que imaginacion tan grandiosa tienen...

Spiral · Há muito
Again a magnificent wallpaper. I love the spiral background! Please make more with that!

forrestRain · Há muito
I am stunned by its beauty!

Michele · Há muito
Simply beautiful.

Mac · Há muito
Did you lighten the letters in the ground one by one, or did you make pattern?

Peter Brennan · Há muito
Fantastic - great art as well as the whole concept

reggie · 8 Janeiro 2008
As one who loves to read and loves to collect books, this is a delightful piece of art! Will be sharing it with my daughter, another lover of books!

Dave · 13 Fevereiro 2008
Awesome - Great for a writer

marjan · 6 Julho 2008
wonderful as karin said : I love books, I love trees and I love this pictures so much

· 7 Janeiro 2009
I want a tree like this to my back garden. Amazing.

xyrus · 19 Julho 2009
you are kidding me right? does any one pay to buy this stuff? come on!!!!

Meg · 27 Setembro 2009
I LOVE this - its gorgeous!!

Lauren S. · 5 Outubro 2009
I love this! I'm an English teacher, and I have this as my desktop wallpaper on my school computers. It's beautiful! Thanks so much for such great wallpaper!

Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) · 30 Janeiro 2010
This and Where Snowflakes are Born are my two favorite wallpapers.

Stephanie Hartman · 30 Abril 2012
I so wish this was one of your designs that was available on a t-shirt. It is really emotionally beautiful.

lycan Queen · 10 Março 2015
So beautiful tree only on beautiful books

cool dude · 3 Março 2016
That is a very interesting pic

prince of love, mohamed khaled · Há muito
wow! that's really incredible picture! actually, i am an artist! i love this tree-books picture! its really amazing, fantastic, fabulous, gorgeous & so beautiful!! i wonder who had drawn this wonderful picture? so take care & good bye for all.

Pooya · Há muito

Marcus · Há muito
NO WORDS... Grtz from Ostend,Belgium.

Shirley · Há muito
Good job as usual!! I wonder what font did you used in the soil and tree part, they look VERY CUTE!!

Eugenia · Há muito
Absolutely magnificent, Vlad! Just like most of your pictures! I love your work! And I love books, of course! Could you possibly create another one like this in shades of blue? I loved your wallpaper, but I just love blue.... :)Thanks, anyway!And many regards from Greece!

N2pani · Há muito
subjectively cool

div · Há muito
Exceedingly Nice

C.S. · Há muito
Wonderful, wonderful work. Amazing color scheme and a great concept. =)

Rick · Há muito
Crazy lines

uad, s · Há muito
AMAZING G G G ,, i loved it so muct !

Ildi · Há muito
I´ve downloaded many wallpapers from your site, this is one of my favourite pics. I like the ones which are drawn, they are always more creative. Many thanks from Hungary.

Tara · Há muito
Maybe you love books as much as me. Thank you

destiny · Há muito
one of my favourite! greeeat! like from a fairytale, I guess some dwarfs are fiding behind the tree

< · Há muito

Ashwin · Há muito
I hope this convinces kids to read more.

el.Fakir · Há muito
Like this one, good idea!

MAP · Há muito
Back to school time for the kids. Like it a lot.

Kev · Há muito
Hermoso pudo titularse "El arbol del conocimiento" could be called "knowledge tree" Thanks for spanish version greetings from Latinoamerica

Laurene Miller · Há muito
Perfect wallpaper when I'm writing a book of my own!

纤羽成冢 · Há muito

shift · Há muito
Ur site have a cool wallpaper....

Cynthia · Há muito
WOW! This w/paper is just fantastic! I love it! I'm a librarian and I'll change desktops background in half of our pod of computers first thing in the morning. The other half will stay with the Google b'gnd you made few months ago. Thanks a million! Great work.

Vlad Gerasimov · Há muito
One by one :-)

Ludmila · Há muito
The books ripen at night.

Silenone Zhang · Há muito
I'm a chinese girl, and i love all the pics you design!! All of the members are the greatest artist! I don't know whether my expression is right or not.

Presley · 9 Março 2008
it's not good it's great

Alexis · 9 Maio 2008
like always, amazing job!

joana · 19 Outubro 2008

ravi · 25 Dezembro 2008
dis site has best collection of wallpapers

ejly · 20 Fevereiro 2009
love the drawing, very autumnal. Now where's the librarian with a rake?

Aisha · 25 Setembro 2009
I absolutely love this! Thanks for making so many great wallpapers!!! I hope there are more in the future =) (I add more of these from here everyday)

.. · 15 Dezembro 2009
حلوة مرة الخلفية ^^

VladFan · 7 Janeiro 2010
One of my favorite wallpapers. It matches Orchestra perfectly!

Ali · 1 Março 2010
This is amazing! I love it!

Dario Didone' · 18 Janeiro 2014
Amazing! Absolutely magnificent! ^_^

Nikki · 23 Outubro 2014
Love this image so much. Is it available to order as a print? I thought years ago that I saw that as an option.

Karaz · 14 Dezembro 2017
Amazing picture with its colors and concept

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