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Siberian Winter 4

Siberian Winter 4

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Comentários {9}

Martin Trojan 24 Novembro 2008
I love the smell of a fir tree in the atmosphere of Christmas. Jee...good wall Vlad

Jaideep Nadkarni 28 Novembro 2008
Sublime beauty of nature!!!

dims 12 Dezembro 2008
it's definitely a nice idea to go/drive into a forest sometime, away from the city turmoil even for a few hours.. it's so simple thing to do and yet very beautiful and refreshing, but very few people bother to.. so Vlad, thanx for sharing with us, city dwellers :) I've never been to Siberia, but I think I'd love to

Suzana 25 Novembro 2008
This is absolutely breathtaking!!! So perfect for this time of year, as well.

Gretchen K Wingert 25 Novembro 2008
Pine.....my favorite tree, green all year long. Thank you for a beautiful photo!!!!

peter 13 Dezembro 2008
beautiful image

Никита 13 Novembro 2011

Никита 13 Novembro 2011

17 Dezembro 2011
uistinu lijepo

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