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Rock Carvings

Rock Carvings

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Comentários {36}

Pink Floyd Há muito

oblomow Há muito
its great

Anna Há muito
Reminds me of my work! (I'm a cave guide, hehe.) I do adore your work, but I think you should have pushed the wall back a little, and made the floor a tad less textured, to give it that true cave-y feel, and enhance the size of the "cavern". Other than that, looks great! Very mysterious.

U-Gokh Há muito
WOW!! WOW!! that's really coool...

choldmhist Há muito
reminds me of the Allegory of the Cave. always a pleasure coming to your site. hope you don't mind, i use your wallpapers for my blog's background. Bravo, Vlad.

DrunkBuddy Há muito
Put some of this on HQ for free plz....

speedy Há muito
dudeeee this is so awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Aparna Há muito
Beautiful! Mysterious and heart-winning at the same time :-) Love this one! (L)

Del Mac Há muito
Like it, without the light would be great. No with spot...

Don Há muito
Oh, that's brill! Good job, mate.

Maryland Há muito
Magnificent Vlad -- you have a remarkable gift. =)

Charles Há muito
Wow Cool~! Good boy Good Job

fan Há muito
This is the Vlad I liked originally, welcome back man and keep up the great work (Y)

AnamCara Há muito
I just love your work!

ur momma 6 Março 2008
crappy get some skill

Grace 4 Maio 2009
I love this one! Spectacular job

7 Novembro 2009
really amazing wallpapers! :) this one means: you're the biggest enemy/problem of yourself (or source of fear for yourself) ;)

Toma Há muito
âàó!!!:-0 î÷åíü î÷åíü!!!êëàññíî

Bob Há muito
this one is great. One of your best^^

Matt Há muito
Vlad- That shadow is amazing, I mean I know you can just make a slightly transparent black but that looks so real.. I'm stunned

Faruk Há muito
thank you, very nice.

ribbot Há muito
Hey, that little guy with the mohawk is in telescope too

Sergio Bonfiglio Há muito
Beautiful. I agree that it is one of your best.

Richard Há muito
My favorite.

M Há muito
This is perfect! I love the repetition of the figure in the shadow and the "carvings". :-)

Andrey Há muito
Oh... It's excellent!!! (Y)

Waterlilly Há muito
Oh! it's very good & gothic! I love it! Thanks? Vlad))))

Cynthia Há muito
Just wonderful! Thanks Vlad.

Paris Há muito
Keep going Vlad ... Your wallpapers are on my desktop for about 2 years now .I m waiting something with summer mood as here in greece we have SUMER SUMER SUMER !!!!! :-D ;-)

kenzo Há muito
it's cool!

Georges G. Hayek Há muito
Dark side.... I likeee...!! ;-)

ixiel Há muito
Sooooooooo Cooooooooool!! I likeyyy!

Aldrine 9 Março 2008
how can i make this a background at friendster??

Andreia 22 Julho 2008
Seu trabalho é belíssimo!

blob 30 Janeiro 2010

Harish 25 Março 2013
All of your creation's are meaningful and full of life.

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