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Old stained-glass window

Old stained-glass window

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Comentários {20}

Carmen Há muito
What do the letters say? What language is it? (L)

hrhlffusnh Há muito
Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! fxvowhjwzclwh

Donna Há muito
The kids are going to love it!

nikitus Há muito
it is just amazing, as everuthing else you've done!!! congratulations and keep on the great work (Y)

Jonathan Há muito
The letters are from the keyboard.... QWERTYUIOPASD.....

Ashwin Há muito
This is a nice wallpaper. But, please reduce the size of the shadow on the red one. ;-)

pdro.............. Há muito
muy bueno me gustan los fondos raros, abstractos y otros usd. si que se lucen con estos fondos tan buenos (y) ;-) :-)

Matt Há muito
That is a very kool font. and leave it to you to find a way to make a wallpaper out of text :-O great job man!

Popobawa 18 Abril 2012
everything in this website is so perfect

Alvin 21 Fevereiro 2013
dear vlad~~where are the other colors?

Há muito

jess Há muito
I love this sight. I have never been able to find wallpapers like this before! Keep up the good work!

Henriette Há muito
(L) it !!!

Henry Ogbuokiri Há muito
I need this Wallpaper for my myspace Backround

Jibé Há muito
Très jolie réalisation :) Dommage que tout le monde n'aies pas de clavier qwerty :-P

Vlad Gerasimov Há muito
Ashwin - I think you are right! I improved red version and it now looks better, thanks.

Carmen Há muito
Oh, I see, you just typed the letters in their own spatial order beginning from the right top qwerty, etc.

min Há muito
Can you make a tutorial about making this wallpaper? Pretty please. It's so beautiful. I want to learn how to make it.

Lamington 27 Março 2008

Olja Bongo 17 Novembro 2008
I just go crazy from your pictures

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