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Do Not Follow The Octopuses

Do Not Follow The Octopuses

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Comentários 36

athelas · Há muito

ba · Há muito
awsome :-) l

mellllanic(IRAN) · Há muito
in okhtapoosa enghadr ziadan ke adam saresh gij mire dastetoon dard nakone

Dave · Há muito
One word: Fantastic

Princess · Há muito
I know you get this alot, but I totally love your wallpapers...The are always so unique, my husband thinks the are crazy, but i just luv havin them on my desktop...

Lilian · Há muito
Very nice! They are almost like ghosts! Although, I do have to tell you...the plural of octopus is octopi : )

Pumpkin Pie · Há muito
Brilliant as always. Also I have created a wallpaper of my own. It was inspired and designed with a bit of your work :-S. I will email it to you so look for an email from... flamingtoaster@gmail.com

Justin · Há muito
do you use this method for all your wallpapers?

xo · Há muito
super süpersin

Luzma · Há muito
Great! You are in a "Tim Burton" kind of mood. It grabs you!!!

Justin · Há muito
good job as always. i have to ask though, (because there are a few ways you couldve done this), but how did you create the tentacles (bumps) on the octupus's legs?

JaDe · Há muito
Thank you Vlad! This is such a fun wallpaper. You have such talent!! "Justin - I created them with pen - see scanned original" Thank you for showing this Vlad...I can barely sign my name LOL I am taking this wallpaper home! Thank you, JaDe

Justin · Há muito
i think i misunderstood you. did you draw that by hand, scan it, then edit it photoshop?

Vlad Gerasimov · Há muito
Justin - yes, exactly, draw by hand with gel pen (on paper :-) ), then scanned and manipulated in Photoshop.

Jeannette · 2 Janeiro 2009
...might I add, I work in a highly regarded English department at a University. "Octopuses" would never be accepted. However, the fact that it is a title of a work of art technically lets it slide as incorrect grammar because there is no incorrect art.

Cathy Gould · 17 Janeiro 2013
He was outwardly decent and managed to preserve his aquarium, but inside he was impromptu and full of unexpectedness. --O Henry, The Octopus Marooned {A favourite quotation to a favourite Artist}

mellow · Há muito

GZ · Há muito

dhelton · Há muito
add this to my profile

krissie · Há muito

Vlad Gerasimov · Há muito
Patricia: phew! Thanks, that's good news :-)

Patricia · Há muito
I love octopuses! They're such amazing creatures. And no worries about the plural spelling - both octupuses and octopi are accepted (look in the scientific literature if you don't believe me). Cheers!

MaGaLy · Há muito
Is it a Halloween wallpaper? It's good! (Y)

· Há muito
Like the paper Keeper Kruppt

Câline · Há muito
Amazing!!!!!!!! Love this one!! I'm very curious about your 2006 Halloween wallpaper. ;-)

Ozlem · Há muito
Lovely! Not "booooo" at all. I alays adored your underwater desktops. (Y)

Jose Daniel · Há muito
Dizzy! (y)

Vlad Gerasimov · Há muito
Luzma: yes yes yes! I found it very inspirational to create "scary - funny" things, how is it in english? spooky? :-)

Vlad Gerasimov · Há muito
Justin - I created them with pen - see scanned original -

eatspam · Há muito
that's amazing!! i like =D

natasha · Há muito
cute..trippy!...the blue shade is really beautiful as well..:-)

Justin · Há muito
thanks vlad. do you always sketch out your work before you do it digitally?

Vlad Gerasimov · Há muito
Justin - no, not actually. More otfen I create "stick figures" directiy in Photoshop, using pencil tool.

Jeannette · 2 Janeiro 2009
OCTOPI. what is so difficult about correct English grammer?

Vlad Gerasimov · 2 Janeiro 2009
Jeannette: I love how you wrote "what is so difficult about correct English gramm_e_r" !

abbi · 9 Maio 2010
It looks really cool until I put it as my wallpaper- it darkens the room and it makes it look scarier!

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