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Do Not Follow The Octopuses

Do Not Follow The Octopuses

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Comentários {36}

Ozlem Há muito
Lovely! Not "booooo" at all. I alays adored your underwater desktops. (Y)

Pumpkin Pie Há muito
Brilliant as always. Also I have created a wallpaper of my own. It was inspired and designed with a bit of your work :-S. I will email it to you so look for an email from... flamingtoaster@gmail.com

Vlad Gerasimov Há muito
Patricia: phew! Thanks, that's good news :-)

Princess Há muito
I know you get this alot, but I totally love your wallpapers...The are always so unique, my husband thinks the are crazy, but i just luv havin them on my desktop...

dhelton Há muito
add this to my profile

mellllanic(IRAN) Há muito
in okhtapoosa enghadr ziadan ke adam saresh gij mire dastetoon dard nakone

mellow Há muito

Câline Há muito
Amazing!!!!!!!! Love this one!! I'm very curious about your 2006 Halloween wallpaper. ;-)

xo Há muito
super süpersin

Luzma Há muito
Great! You are in a "Tim Burton" kind of mood. It grabs you!!!

Justin Há muito
good job as always. i have to ask though, (because there are a few ways you couldve done this), but how did you create the tentacles (bumps) on the octupus's legs?

Justin Há muito
do you use this method for all your wallpapers?

Vlad Gerasimov Há muito
Justin - yes, exactly, draw by hand with gel pen (on paper :-) ), then scanned and manipulated in Photoshop.

natasha Há muito
cute..trippy!...the blue shade is really beautiful as well..:-)

Jeannette 2 Janeiro 2009
OCTOPI. what is so difficult about correct English grammer?

Jeannette 2 Janeiro 2009
...might I add, I work in a highly regarded English department at a University. "Octopuses" would never be accepted. However, the fact that it is a title of a work of art technically lets it slide as incorrect grammar because there is no incorrect art.

Cathy Gould 17 Janeiro 2013
He was outwardly decent and managed to preserve his aquarium, but inside he was impromptu and full of unexpectedness. --O Henry, The Octopus Marooned {A favourite quotation to a favourite Artist}

Há muito
Like the paper Keeper Kruppt

MaGaLy Há muito
Is it a Halloween wallpaper? It's good! (Y)

Lilian Há muito
Very nice! They are almost like ghosts! Although, I do have to tell you...the plural of octopus is octopi : )

Patricia Há muito
I love octopuses! They're such amazing creatures. And no worries about the plural spelling - both octupuses and octopi are accepted (look in the scientific literature if you don't believe me). Cheers!

Dave Há muito
One word: Fantastic

krissie Há muito

ba Há muito
awsome :-) l

GZ Há muito

Vlad Gerasimov Há muito
Justin - no, not actually. More otfen I create "stick figures" directiy in Photoshop, using pencil tool.

athelas Há muito

Jose Daniel Há muito
Dizzy! (y)

Vlad Gerasimov Há muito
Luzma: yes yes yes! I found it very inspirational to create "scary - funny" things, how is it in english? spooky? :-)

Vlad Gerasimov Há muito
Justin - I created them with pen - see scanned original -

eatspam Há muito
that's amazing!! i like =D

Justin Há muito
i think i misunderstood you. did you draw that by hand, scan it, then edit it photoshop?

Justin Há muito
thanks vlad. do you always sketch out your work before you do it digitally?

JaDe Há muito
Thank you Vlad! This is such a fun wallpaper. You have such talent!! "Justin - I created them with pen - see scanned original" Thank you for showing this Vlad...I can barely sign my name LOL I am taking this wallpaper home! Thank you, JaDe

Vlad Gerasimov 2 Janeiro 2009
Jeannette: I love how you wrote "what is so difficult about correct English gramm_e_r" !

abbi 9 Maio 2010
It looks really cool until I put it as my wallpaper- it darkens the room and it makes it look scarier!

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