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Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion

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Comentários {16}

Marco Ghisla 27 Julho 2012
Ahahah! So cute… Bravo as usual Vlad ;)

Michel 28 Julho 2012
Wow Very creative. The icon is a great gift. I love it !

Vida Hernaus 28 Julho 2012
Super cute! Thanks! :)

Heidi 28 Julho 2012
Absolutely adorable and a great idea making it look like a cloth patch. I couldn't decide which version I like better, but this one won the race. Thanks a lot, for the wallpaper and the icons. :)

matteo 31 Julho 2012
Ciao Vlad, splendida opera !!!!! come al solito del resto !!

kim 2 Novembro 2012
Adorable! Thanks a lot!

:) 9 Março 2013
impressive and cute

Vlad Gerasimov 5 Maio 2013
Марат - я рад :-)

yadriela 28 Março 2015
Es buena esta aplicasion

Kelcey 28 Julho 2012
This is beyond adorable Vlad - I love it!

Vlad Gerasimov 28 Julho 2012
Marco, Kelcey - thanks so much! I am unexpectedly sensitive to any kind of feedback lately, so I really appreciate your comments. Thanks!

Rodger Werner 28 Julho 2012
Thank you for these ... was wondering when we'd get them :)

Barbra Ignatiev 30 Julho 2012
I like this version the best ~ the orangey color works well with the blue background. Cute cute button eyes too :) Also love the icons, Vlad! Thanks :)

Andy 9 Agosto 2012
Love those button eyes, so cute :)

kmbrown 20 Agosto 2012
I really like this one. I think I may use the icon for a folder of my pet pictures since I have cats :)

Марат 5 Maio 2013
Мне очень нравятся Ваши работы!!!!

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