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The Solved Mystery of Moai Statues

The Solved Mystery of Moai Statues

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Comentários {13}

Minh Vu 14 Março 2011
lovely ^^ thanks

Ray 14 Março 2011
It's too brown for my desktop but lovely idea :)! Vlad, do you think you could make some really colourful wallpapers for Easter with eggs and bunnies perhaps? This would be the blast! I'm sure others will agree absolutely.

Suzana 14 Março 2011
I thought this was awesome; the Easter Island statues have always fascinated me.

Vlad Gerasimov 14 Março 2011
Jorge: thank you very much :-)

AMPIT 19 Março 2011
I like it very much. Could you make it with some other background colors?. I like it but would prefer not brown.

suchitra chatterjee 11 Novembro 2011
im loving it

arnab chatterji,india 16 Abril 2013
lovely ,nice thought...

Martin Stružský 14 Março 2011
Oh, I just got up and with this, you really made my day! :-) Very nice, Vlad ;-)

Oziel 14 Março 2011
Hi, Vlad! Do you know the Polynesian tattoos? That could be an interesting inspiration for your next works. It would be interesting to combine your magnificent talents with those of our Tahitian tattooers. "Mauruuru"(Thank You)

Jorge 14 Março 2011
I am glad this mystery is finally solved! I am so happy that I became a lifetime member of your website :)

Vida Hernaus 15 Março 2011
oh, wonderful!!! where's the "clapping" emote? :D

BOB 21 Março 2011

VASMAN 3 Abril 2011
I love the pattern! Thanks a lot!

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