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Comentários {30}

jd Há muito
does it have an exit?

mavi Há muito
ah! nope. all i can think is about that movie, ah! yes! the shinnig? with that jack nick.

Liska Há muito
It sometimes happens to find the exit where entrance is... Good work, Vlad

b0ne Há muito
Forgot to add, nice job!

b0ne Há muito
I found the little guy =)

Saumitra Há muito
Masterpiece!! Deep emotions are being portrayed!!

Mathias Há muito
that must have taken hours, probably days to complete. Again you prove your great skill and expertise Vlad.

Vlad Gerasimov Há muito
vino - very easy! With black pen :-) Then scanned and edited in Photoshop.

Michel Há muito
wonderful on a 2560x1600 display. truly a lost mouse in the maze.

D. Bourez Há muito
A very beautiful one! But it seems that the 1920x1200 version is corrupted too, with a grey line near the bottom of the picture.

Vlad Gerasimov Há muito
Thanks everybody! Matthew - picture fixed, thanks. Friend - please can you email me.

Kacenka Há muito
I have the same emotion as Jade - at the very first glance I thought I see a city of skyscrapers! Was it intentional? Anyway it is just lovely! (L)(L)(L)

Jade Há muito
I like this very much...when I first looked at it I saw a city of skyscrapers! Anyway you look at it "LOST" lives up to its title...very nice Vlad...it's taken!

Moo Há muito
If it has an exit, it needs an entrance too! ;) It's definately named well!

Lizzie Há muito
It reminds me of a Escher type piece...very beautiful....it's going on my iPod right now! :D

Brandy Há muito
LOVE it! One of my favorites !!! I love the color and texture, its just perfect!

Abiosis Há muito
I think I saw the entrance and exit... But I lost them again... ;-)

mellllanic(IRAN) Há muito
from wich way i begin???? :-) :-D Tnx

birol Há muito
you must focus on these dark works

kadu Há muito
your best. and that says quite a lot!

Saumitra Há muito
Masterpiece!! Deep emotions are being portrayed!!

vino Há muito
I was afraid of that :-O Either you are really relentless person or it was pretty pessimistic mood indeed.

vino Há muito
Cool... imagine seeing people walking down there in those corridords, I feel a chill in my back. How did you create the labyrint structure? Please tell... ;-)

larry Há muito
I love it. The pattern reminds me of those arachaic Chinese bronzes with a rich oxidized patina. That deep smokey teal color is fantastic.

son Há muito

Luzma Há muito
It looks like something from a Tim Burton's movie. I like it a lot. It makes me look for someone lost in there. Wonderful. Thank you. I hope your mood is better now. :-)

Matthew Há muito
The 1600x1200, right picture has a corruption in it unfortunately

Friend Há muito
I really like "Lost"...I'd like it more if I could have it larger than 800x600. The resolution selections under High Quality do not react at all. I'm a registered user and have tried with 3 different browsers after logging in. Help! :-s

b4 Há muito
(Y) one of the best for me - thankyou and best regards

Stef 7 Novembro 2009
wow. i. am. lost!

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