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Comentários {16}

Heidi 9 Fevereiro 2011
Blue! Thank you so much. :) This goes straight to my desktop.

Andy 14 Fevereiro 2011
Thank you Vlad !

mohammad 15 Fevereiro 2011
naughty :-D

The Phantom 25 Fevereiro 2011
It'd be awesome if not for this, as you call it, “peculiarity.”

Sahar 15 Março 2011
Amazing !!!! Love u :)

Frank Stjerne 18 Julho 2011
@Jurgen: I pay respect to all cultures and relationships and I think you are putting Russians into one narrow minded box by your comment. I am sure that Vlad will decide by himself what to do. And yes if Vlad made a man+man it would go directly to my desktop.

Maureen L Wilson 6 Julho 2012
Love it! :)

赵停双 29 Julho 2013
I am chinese

Virginia Ramunda-Marty 24 Fevereiro 2014
HA HA HA!!!! Love it!!!! :D

David Branson 11 Fevereiro 2011
Still hoping for one (well, technically, two) for the rest of us... ;)

Mikey G 13 Fevereiro 2011
Adorable! It would be wonderful if you could also do guy+guy and girl+girl versions so that no-one misses out.

Vida Hernaus 17 Fevereiro 2011
neat! :)

pika 9 Março 2011
Kaku se to kup

Jurgen Kohler 6 Julho 2011
to: [Mikey G], [David Branson], [GJ]. I consider it's at least not polite to ask Russian to make an advertisement of... so to say... "unconventional relationships". Pay respect for other cultures and other people's world outlook! [Vlad Gerasimov] Thanks for your great work on all of these wallpapers!

m0nir 17 Fevereiro 2013
very go00od

Elene 28 Maio 2013
Просто прелесть :))

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