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Comentários {11}

Robert Marton 26 Abril 2009
Unbelievable!!! The level of detail is amazing! Vlad, man... you did it again ;) :D

Casper Voortman 27 Abril 2009
How did you know i wanted a green wallpaper. Been looking for weeks for something like this. Thanks it looks great :D

Teegan 28 Abril 2009
Nothing fancy.....BWAHAHHAHAHAAAA....Dude, you rock!

OM 30 Março 2010
Gorgeous work !

maged 21 Setembro 2011
I'm from syria and I like this website

Janko Falli 26 Abril 2009
pro! :)

A1Elements 27 Abril 2009
Mmmm, A new category,...

efand 28 Abril 2009
This one looking great!

Tusnelda 28 Abril 2009

Barbara Kurzawska 28 Abril 2009
Wow! Look at all those details! Amazing! Just.. just amazing :) I love it. Thank you!

Aziz 30 Janeiro 2013
simple is great,,I lIKe It! ;)

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