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Inside a Snowflake

Inside a Snowflake

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Comentários {25}

Vlad Gerasimov Há muito
My apologies for all who commented on this wallpaper - I lost your comments :( I had to restore my database from backup and this wallpaper wasn't there. Feel free to comment now, i'll back it up! :-)

bjoyner Há muito
absolutely wonderful!

Anfisa Há muito
that is cool

divya Há muito
Simply superb,,I loved it.I must say its great for meditation.and it gives u different view if u see it carefully.. Thanks

Chris Há muito
Wow. Really beautiful and like someone above said, mesmerising. Good work. ;-)

DFC Há muito
just great

Ovi Há muito
(Y) this is an amazing wallpaper! I can't have enough of it! And in combination with the snow quartz screensaver on my mac makes the winter atmosphere an amazing experience!

Tauheed Há muito
Simply the best!

peter siemen 18 Fevereiro 2008
lets see

jc 9 Novembro 2008
I like your images

jc 9 Novembro 2008
very nice

ddrddx 18 Janeiro 2017
Foarte frumos!

sunny Há muito
The wallpaper says a lot of things quietly. beautiful

Gv Há muito

derya Há muito
this wallpaper make me feel relaxed when get furious in the office!

zlato Há muito

murat Há muito
ooo my God(Allahcc) your art is beautiful!(L)

Raven Há muito
"Dreaming of a BLUE Christmas" :-D

Moo Há muito
I can't remember what I said exactly... but it was something along the lines of *mesmerising*... It looks as if it just goes on forever and ever and ever and ever...

Brandon Há muito
This image is spectacular :)

Warren Shepherd Há muito
So nice! I like BLUE !

Jor Há muito
I love this wallpaper, soothing and intriguing at the same time...I've had it on my desktop for half this year, thanks!!

( 13 Setembro 2008
Wonderful, feels like it just goes on and on forever... So peaceful.

19 Março 2009
is that real

Janah 27 Dezembro 2012
I can find elegance in your works. Great job! :)

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