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Happy Valentine's Day 2

Happy Valentine's Day 2

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Comentários {26}

Dia Há muito
Love it!!! (L)

janja Há muito
wallpaperi su mi odlični...

Ulla Há muito
Otan heti käyttöön. I will take this. Vautsi vau!!(L)

NINO Há muito
Te AMO Paola Nino ;-)

trung Há muito
Great wallpaper :-)

Lucia Há muito
..and the arrow catched the heart!! you have an incredible imagination !!!

Ali Há muito
I'm ali from IRAN. your wall's is EXELENT!! I hope that you are good luck in your life. thanks...

GEx Há muito
Îòëè÷íûê îáîè!!! Ìîëîäåö!!!

GEX Há muito
Otlichnie oboi !!! No pochemu vse ne po russki

arash Há muito
it's so beautiful JUST VLAD :-P

Constructive Há muito
Your images are absolutely exquisite, BUT.. You state that all of your images are saved in a lossless format.. As far as I can see, this is not correct. All of your high-quality (for registered users) pictures are saved in JPEG-format, which truly is one of the worst options. Check out your "Teeth"-wallpaper for a simple example, i recognize you see the poor quality. Your images would look even Better saved as PNG-files. So why don't you stick with that instead? I create art with Vue 6, and 1600x1200 rendered images in outstanding quality is about 1.1 MB in a PNG-file, compared to a 0.9 MB JPEG-file with noises and flaws all over. I really want an answer to this one, Vlad :-) Jan Tore.

syka Há muito
great wallpapers and valentine's day to every one......................

Câline Há muito
Happy Valentine toy you and your wife! (L)

thuc_bo Há muito
very good!!!

ojas Há muito
sooo beautiful! and "love"ly! :)

marjan Há muito
I am from iran.your wallpapers so wonderful

Maja Há muito
Brilliant! Really....

Carmen Medina Há muito
No se si me entiendas,,, espero que s?. me encanta tu trabajo....Brillante!

Moo Há muito
I like this one better :)

mostafa Há muito
>>>---------> (L) >>>-----(U)----> What????!!!!!!!

Norma Jean Há muito
Vlad,you're just...genious! That's your best wallpaper for st.Valentine...It's a little bit...oh,I just have no rods... = )

roy Há muito
love all , thanks (L)

majid alavi Há muito
in iran no vallentine day what's day?

xtiaN 22 Janeiro 2008
it is so cute!

22 Fevereiro 2012

sheikh muskan 11 Setembro 2014
very beautiful and very gregeouse

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