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Eyes and Hands

Eyes and Hands

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Comentários {14}

susan Há muito
(Y)(Y)(L)Fabulous!!! I love it, I don't think it's too bright, it's another awesome graphic, as a masterpiece, Just right!!! susan

jade Há muito
Far out Vlad...Quilt blocks? but, now I see forks too. Think i am hungry...Thanks Vlad. I need to go hunt down "Not Sleeping" for this new computer...Jade

Moo Há muito
Sporks and foons? ;)

eflatux Há muito
çok ii yapmışşınız.. very gut

GZ Há muito
WOW!!!!! Trees from another planet!

Cheza Há muito
It's amazing!!!!

Mino0 9 Fevereiro 2011
freemasonry ?

Patricia Há muito
I like it, but I can't help but see the hands as forks... And the other is definitly eyes, but if you look at it just right it looks like spoons... maybe I'm hungry.

Nika Há muito
Vlad, this is man and woman ? ;-) Then sign it as another philosophical picture :-D Anyway, like always - super! (Y)

jade Há muito
...need to correct myself...the wallpaper i was looking for is titled "Can't Sleep"...got it! Thanks Vlad...Jade

maz nd emzy Há muito
gr8. wird nd wacky reminds us of sporks and foons. hehe. gr8 though. how on earth do u do it? ure reli clever ;-)

jamjar Há muito

carolina d'vetteau Há muito
qué estilo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buenisimo como siempre.....no me agoto de decirlo... que tengan mucha suerte!!

Floydian 6 Fevereiro 2012
Watch out! Three is watching you!

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