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Dried World Map

Dried World Map

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Comentários {17}

César Eduardo Aguilera 18 Fevereiro 2011
Vlad, you always create 'Epic Win' wallpapers about maps. This one IS INCREDIBLE!

Jorge 18 Fevereiro 2011
Hi Vlad, we missed you during January, it is great to have you back. This wallpaper is very creative. You map wallpapers are pretty cool. I am glad it is not related to 2012 :)

Robert Tucker 20 Fevereiro 2011
Would it be possible to get versions of both images without grid?

Jo 20 Fevereiro 2011
No NZ - and half Australia not on either end of the map - argh!!!!

Gareth Lowndes 21 Fevereiro 2011
Where is new zealand?

Vlad Gerasimov 13 Março 2011
No, it was me indeed, I just happened to be signed out. Thanks for your attention :-)

Gblawe 15 Março 2011

M 14 Março 2012
That means large parts of the Pacific ocean are less than 300 feet deep? Surprising!

Fco. Xavier Silva Morales 10 Junho 2012
Muy Buena Herramienta

Sotirios Soulantikas 18 Fevereiro 2011
Ok, this scenario scares the c**p out of me! After all, water (in its liquid state) is what keeps life on this planet! Sorry Vlad, I'll prefer the flooded version!! (awesome work however!)

Miroslav Yordanov 18 Fevereiro 2011
Make flooded version :)

Vlad Gerasimov 18 Fevereiro 2011
Miroslav Yordanov: I already did, see previous wallpaper!

Matthew Oleary 20 Fevereiro 2011
Gorgeous! What about one of Mars with water? That'd be cool. Love 'em!

Vida Hernaus 27 Fevereiro 2011
looks cool!

Anonymous 13 Março 2011
Someone posted as Vlad that isn't vlad! Vlad has a special icon you imposter!

tofik 13 Novembro 2011
cox geydirme sekildir

M 14 Março 2012
That means large parts of the Pacific ocean are less than 300 feet deep? Surprising!

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