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Deep Blue Something

Deep Blue Something

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Comentários {13}

Jose Daniel Há muito
Very OSX like... :) I like it :)

Jade Há muito
I really enjoy this one!...fits into my idea of "Less is More" perfectly! Thank you Vlad!

marc Há muito
damn it vlad, you've got skill! I happened to visit ur site to get something to decorate my desktop with; and i've been comin back ever since. I think ur 'the 2' series is the best, especially when they got something to do with the moon. Keep up the good work, bro!!!

toni Há muito
Much too dark - for my taste. Yet I love the design, in fact there is VERY little of your work that I do not admire. Would love to have many on canvas-or W/C paper & framed. Great Works should not be confined to a plastic box. Thx.

Tauheed Há muito
My Fav Colour is Blue!

nippon Há muito
blue should be officialy relived from the irony as being the colour of pain. it shuld be the colour of subconcious mind hidden deep beneath every ones soul.

Marija Há muito
Beautiful :-) I adore blue color!!! (Y)

Moo Há muito
It's calming... and it looks as if there is a smile hidden in it, so it makes me happy. hehehe

Jaideep Há muito
Sensational curves! And my favourtie colour too ;-) (L)

son Há muito
this ?

illu Há muito
Hm... I'm not sure that its too dark at all, unless your icons are all along the top row. Very nice, abstract-style wallpaper. Love the texture. I've been using it for a while now.

bob Há muito
vlad studios always coming out with quality art.

meera 23 Março 2008
its fantastic

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