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Black Cat White Cat (Color 1)

Black Cat White Cat (Color 1)

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Comentários {13}

Martin Stružský 31 Janeiro 2011
Brilliant Vlad, I love especially this (blue) version… Good job! :-)

Evan Morse 1 Fevereiro 2011
2011 was off to a sad start with your absence for a while there, but these newest wallpapers have more than made up for it in my mind. :) Wonderful job on all of the color variants with this one!

Mariya K-W 2 Fevereiro 2011
Vlad! Again I have no words for your creation! Speechless! You are such a special person - to be able to see life this way and re-create it with so much elegance and feeling.

Jaideep Nadkarni 4 Fevereiro 2011
Very sweet!!!

Im :-) 15 Fevereiro 2011
Love it :) no pun intended!

shimm3r 25 Agosto 2011
how to put clock wallpaper on desktop after downloading?i mean how it will work after putting on desktop! help me plzzzz

Sandra Pajula 1 Fevereiro 2011
The colors of the Estonian flag. Very nice :)

Heidi 1 Fevereiro 2011
Absolutely adorable and exactly my kind of blue. Thank you! :)

Lucia 1 Fevereiro 2011
I really love it !!! i like also blue theme. the two cats have a awesome texture ;)

mohammad 2 Fevereiro 2011
عالي ولد عالي ! this is great.... in Persian language " عالي " means great! pronunciation ( "AAlY")

julia 11 Fevereiro 2011
very nice, thank you

me 11 Março 2011
nice!! :D :P

w66410@gmail.com 9 Outubro 2011
شكراً لكم .. هل ممكن تضيفون اللغة العربية للقائمة لديكم. العرب الآن تجاوزوا ٣٠٠ مليون شخص.

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