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Valentine's Day goodies from Vladstudio!

{7 Fevereiro 2009}

My favorite holiday is coming, and I have something for those who are in love:

- animated e-cards! Thanks a lot fo my sister Julia who animated some of my wallpapers. Send e-cards with animations from https://www.vladstudio.com/cards/animations.php

- as always, some new and old wallpapers: https://www.vladstudio.com/wallpapers/?kw=love
You can also send them as e-cards: https://www.vladstudio.com/cards/?kw=love

- if you are considering purchasing Vladstudio registration, don't miss the $19.99 discount: https://www.vladstudio.com/register/

Thanks! Make love not war!

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Comentários {2}

Lilian 14 Fevereiro 2009
Vlad, your work is beautiful and I specially love the Valentine's Days wallpapers. If you're not opposed to it, could you make one with two guys and two girls?

11 Abril 2009
Querido Sr Vlad : Sus diseños, son algo fuera de serie, lo felicito. siempre tengo uno de fondo de pantalla. Lo saludo desde Costa Rica ( America Central)

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