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Support for iPad Retina Display!

{20 Março 2012}

Support for iPad Retina Display

Celebrating the new iPad with Retina display, I added 2048x2048 images to all my wallpapers! Check them out here: vladstudio.com/ipad-retina-wallpapers/

← All wallpapers re-mastered; 2- and 3-monitor images get new sizes up to 7680x1600! Bye bye expiring premium accounts; all Vladstudio accounts now lifetime, for only $14.99! →

Comentários {9}

Amy 20 Março 2012
Hooray! Thanks, I was looking for a good wallpaper for my new iPad, I'm sure I'll be able to find a perfect one now :)

Big C 21 Março 2012
Thank you very much.

Vlad Gerasimov 23 Março 2012
Jen - 2048x2048 zip worked fine for me. Can you try again? Thanks.

Lesley Hatch 8 Abril 2012
Thank you so much! The first thing on the list is to replace all of my vladstudio wallpapers!

Big C 20 Março 2012
Thx a lot! Unfortuneately the 2048x2048-zip download does not work.

Vlad Gerasimov 20 Março 2012
Big C: packs will work later today. Thanks!

Jen 23 Março 2012
tried to dl 2048x2048-zip tonight and didn't work - are others still having issues? Thanks :)

Matteo Bagnasacco 27 Março 2012

N........... 10 Abril 2012
I love ,, VLadsTUdIo" =)

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