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Who Stole The Moon? Promo fun

{26 November 2010}

Selling a book means sometimes you have to put way your mouse and keyboard, and take paper, glue and scissors instead! These promo-shelves for russian books were designed and hand-made by me for a local book retailer. Fun!

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Comments {13}

Sotirios Soulantikas 26 November 2010
Don't you ever get the feeling that in real crafts you can still press cmd+Z to undo a wrongly glued paper??

Lock 27 November 2010
WoW, everything you touch gets magic. :]

Anna Wallace 27 November 2010
What a gifted person you are, Vlad! Packaging like that should be for sale in Collectors Items very soon all over the World!

tamalita 28 November 2010
these are fantastic!! They are just wonderful! Sotirios Soulantikas: wow, I could not agree more.

Anna Leeg 1 December 2010

Minerva 3 December 2010
Yeah! I agree with Anna and Lock, you are a gifted and talented person. I'm very glad I was introduced to your work by a fellow English teacher who used one of your wallpapaers on her presentation. Thanks a lot for sharing your art. Greetings from México.

John.....(an old chap from England) 4 January 2011
Vlad, All the best to you and your sister for 2011. You have talent and you will continue to succeed. Regards John.

Vlad Gerasimov 26 November 2010
Sotirios Soulantikas: I know EXACTLY what you mean! Not so much when gluing, but when I'm writing or drawing something with pen or pencil, I miss my Cmd-Z so much!

Parvez 27 November 2010
fabulous stuff!

Vlad Gerasimov 27 November 2010
Lock, Parvez, Anna: thanks so much!

betsey 27 November 2010

Vida Hernaus 28 November 2010
wonderful job with these! there's no end to your creativity :) Sotirios S.: i often wish i could press Ctrl-Z when drawing

Lieven Van Coninckxloo 15 December 2010
I just *love* your art and the things you make! I'd buy the book just to have it, but without kids it's a little too expensive for me... I love your wallpapers, and one day I will for sure have them printed to put in my house as art! Thank you for your artwork!!! ps: sometimes I wish there were new wallpapers more often, but then again, it might take away the quality and that's the latest thing I would want. Keep up the good work! A huge fan, Lieven.

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