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Who Stole The Moon? book ready for immediate shipping!

{6 November 2010}

I'm excited to announce that the books are ready and we started shipping them! If you did not yet get your copy, buy it now - !

← Who Stole The Moon? Pencil Sketches Кто Украл Луну? Книжка на русском уже в продаже! →

Comments {7}

pask 8 November 2010
Wow! Very nice book, Vlad. :) But too much for Russia shipping...

Lory 17 November 2010
wowww! I'll wait for italian version! How soon will be available?

Kaz 18 November 2010
I got myself a copy - I'm 20 years old but I love it! I thought I would give it to my baby cousins but I may just keep it for myself! It arrived very quickly in a handwritten envelope :) thanks!!

Pat LaR 13 November 2010
I ordered 2 "Who Stole The Moon?" books for my grandchildren (ages 2 and 8) for Christmas. They arrived in just a few days... I know they both will enjoy it. It's charming!

Vlad Gerasimov 17 November 2010
Lory - I really cannot say (I'm not even sure we ever publish other languages!)

Lory 18 November 2010
ok Vlad, thanks a lot...In this case, buy one in english .. I can not let it slip away!

Vlad Gerasimov 18 November 2010
Kaz, Lory: thanks a lot :-)

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