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Vladstudio in the blogs: Selling your Photos as Wallpaper

{11 September 2008}

I was recently interviewed by Dean Shanson from Photopreneur blog, who just posted an acticle based on this interview. Check out the article here:

← Introducing Siberian wooden houses photo project! New sizes for wallpaper images →

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JudiKaye 12 September 2008
Congratulations, Vlad! What a wonderful article... The word is definitely getting out about your website, and the beautiful work you are doing. Few people are fortunate enough to make a living doing the things that they would gladly do for free. I am so happy for you! 12 September 2008
Fine work, Vlad! Now I going to explore your website.

VladFan 17 September 2008
Wow! You are getting famous! :D Your new Siberian photos project really drew some attention! Congratulations! :)

Verna 12 September 2008
Hey Vlad, I'm so proud of you! You deserve this attention because your photos and website are incredible! Congratulations.

Jaideep Nadkarni 12 September 2008
Finally! Dearest Vlad, Congratulations!!! I'm very delighted that your site with its masterpieces have finally acquired the recognition that was much deserved for a long time. I'll still wait for the day when you will be at the top of the list as "world's best" in the respective category. Keep up the great work. And thanks for the constant supply of surprises.

MJ 8 October 2008
Where are you????????? I need a new desktop ;]

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