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Translations wanted - 2 lifetime registrations in return!

16 February 2008

UPDATE - all languages (except japanese) have been taken, more translations are not needed! The post below is now for historical reasons only.
Dear visitors, I need your help. I prepared my site to be transated into many languages, now all I need is translations. If you have some spare time and want to contribute to Vladstudio site, please check out the links below - these are Word files with phrases that need translations. In return, you will get a free lifetime registration for yourself, another gift lifetime registration for anyone you choose, as well as my huge appreciation :-)

IMPORTANT! If you decide you will make translation, please email me immediately, so that I remove your language from list and avoid many people doing the same job.

Here are Word files (if your language is marked as TAKEN that means someone is already doing it):

German - taken
Spanish - taken
French - taken
Italian - taken
Japanese - still wanted!
Dutch - taken
Czech - taken
Portuguese - taken
Polish - taken
Turkish - taken
Bulgarian - taken
Romanian - taken
Hindi - taken
Chinese -taken
Slovak - taken
Slovenian - taken
Greek - taken

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Milan Vít · 16 February 2008
I'll try to translate it to the Czech language, but I cannot guarantee anything :-)

Bastian Hagmaier · 16 February 2008
Already wrote about German translation! Will do it extremely accurate! :-)

Mario · 16 February 2008
Oh, I promise accuracy too. And a link in my blog. And cookies and candies

Antonio · 16 February 2008
I can translate the italian one! I'm from Italy.I have downloaded the file and I've stared to translate it. I've already sent you the email too Pleaaase choose me!

Giulio · 17 February 2008
La traduzione in italiano è già stata presa e completata.

Christos Prokas · 18 February 2008
I would like to translate in to Greek :) I will now sent mail :)

Shark · 18 February 2008
May you please direct me, were is the hindi translation of your blog ?

Marysia Kominek · 20 February 2008
damn, i'm late :(

Marysia Kominek · 21 February 2008
in Polish translation I mean... forgot to mention that

Steven · 26 February 2008
how about Vietnamese?

StyLe · 1 March 2008
Please don't forget Traditional Chinese...

aldi · 6 March 2008
How about indonesian?iam sure they like read your web.. i can translate to indonesian language

Lukas Rudy · 21 March 2008
Hey if Milan is struggling with the translation to Czech, let me know, I'd be glad to give you a hand. I think your work is well worth to be spread around the world even for those who do not understand English...

Matt · 11 June 2008
I am a Trekkie and can translate it into Klingon. I will give you blood wine as well !!

Vlad Gerasimov · 24 November 2008
nor: yes unfortunately japanese translation was never done, so it is still wanted!

Manca Pezzot · 17 November 2009
I know this is old, but I need to do this :D I see Slovenian is taken on the list but it's not available to select from languages. I don't care about the lifetime subscription (already bought one), but I think it'd be cool to see this place in Slovenian, it is one of my favorite sites on the web by far. So, anything I can do to help out? :D

Mario · 16 February 2008
I can translate the spanish one! I'm spanish, from Madrid, I have downloaded the file and I understand everything. I've already sent you the email too Pleaaase choose me!

Bruno Casarini · 16 February 2008
I'm here for brazilian portuguese! I've just send you an email about that.

aleksandar · 17 February 2008
may I translate it in Serbian?

Vlad Gerasimov · 17 February 2008
aleksandar - sure but please contact me by email. Thanks!

Class · 17 February 2008
Any hungarian needed?

David · 17 February 2008
I can translate it to Simplified Chinese and I've send you the e-mail. Please check & many thanks :)

Bob Kennedy · 18 February 2008
Do you need a pig-latin translation? I'm fluent

Vlad Gerasimov · 18 February 2008
Shark - all translations will be published in several days. Thanks.

Marysia Kominek · 21 February 2008
btw: "tapety na biurko" is an unnecessary collocation... "tapety" would be absolutely enough. the same with "zegary". it seems "overdone" and sounds unnatural as it is now :) trust the specialist

Myflower_yeon · 27 February 2008
I'm Korean User. It so Cool Illustration. I really happy when I using this Wallpaper Clock.

Joao · 9 March 2008
If u need any help for Portuguese translation i can help

Welcome to Paradise · 15 March 2008
hey cool it's all taken ;) Subash Admin @

Vlad Gerasimov · 21 March 2008
Lukas Rudy: not sure I understood you, but czech translation is already done (see languages list). Thanks.

nor · 24 November 2008
And now 9 months have passed since the article was uploaded. How is it going with the Japanese translation listed above??

Vlad Gerasimov · 17 November 2009
Manca Pezzot: thanks for suggestion! I added Slovenščina to the list of languages - feel free to visit and make some translations. Thanks!

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