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Small updates for registered users: Your Account page

{15 March 2008}

I finally managed to make some updates to Your Account page for registered users. Now you can:

Here is the screenshot:

← Translations wanted - 2 lifetime registrations in return! Vladstudio in the blogs: How to Make Money Selling Wallpapers →

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Mario Fernández 15 March 2008
Hey, Vlad, do you want me to translate to spanish the new options? I'll send you and email if you want to. I would like to help, I'm bored...

Martin Stružský 16 March 2008
you know you can send me it too ;-)

Carlos Cramês 16 March 2008
I posted this elsewhere, still: companion misses new wallpapers if you don't logoff/reboot often. Have you considered alternatives to rss, such as a newsletter? Thx.

Vlad Gerasimov 15 March 2008
Mario - thanks! I will collect a bit more sentences and then will send to you . Thanks again :-)

Mario Fernández 15 March 2008
No problem :D

Yacine 16 March 2008
Hi, Vlad ! Please, want to translate your website to Arabic ! Your works are very wonderful and I want to spread this site to my community.

Agent Smith 4 February 2017
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