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Rock stars - now as wood carvings!

{30 July 2010}

Raul de Soroa from Brazil was inspired by my wallpaper Rock Stars and created these figures (hand-cut using a scroll saw) from brazilian hardwood called Massaranduba. Just take a look at these photos! They are so incredibly cool.





Thanks Raul!

If you want to buy these (or enquire for other custom) wood carvings, feel free to contact him at

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Comments {8}

BlueCat 31 July 2010
Stunning! Very well done!

Vida Hernaus 4 August 2010
yep, you're inspiring :) and this is very cool looking

Photoshop Clipping Path (US) 11 August 2010
I loved all of them , literally. Amazing packages :) Really shows the creativity of the designers

Manual Clipping Path 23 October 2010
thanks for sharing these tips..

Sasho Zahariev 1 August 2010
They look amazing.

deFINE 1 August 2010
Wow! That's really awesome!

Catt 6 August 2010
Nice would look nice as wallpaper too...

nettue 11 August 2010

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