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Rating wallpapers

21 April 2008

I added simple feature that allows everyone to rate wallpapers 1-5 stars, and then view only rated wallpapers from the gallery. Here is how it works:

On each wallpaper page, near wallpaper name, there are 5 stars. Click a star to save your rating for this wallpaper.


Then, at any time, you can view wallpapers you rated, combined into single page, by selecting "Wallpapers you rated" from wallpapers gallery.


Let me know how it works to you! Thanks!

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maxim shevertalov · 21 April 2008
Cool, looks fun. If it would be easy, it would be cool to place the rating stuff below the pics when browsing mode. That would allow people to rate the papers in mass quickly. But anything you do beyond making great wall papers is really a bonus, thanks.

Vlad Gerasimov · 22 April 2008
Hehe, thanks :-) This was actually designed to allow you to pick only a few wallpapers and quickly find them later.

Rit@ · 28 April 2008
it's a good idea i 'll vote all the wallpapers i see... :) thanks for the greats ideas!!

Chad · 7 May 2008
Vlad, who are we to rate your genius? It's like peasants rating royalty!

Xavier Robin · 11 May 2008
It would be even better if we could all-in-one download all the wallpapers we rated with a given note (I'm thinking about my laptop, on which I would like to use only the wallpapers I rated 5-stars...)

Rolando · 21 May 2008
Esta Web es ASOMBROSA !!

Loverurstuff · 22 April 2008
Indeed, always a great source of great wallpapers, only gets better and better.

Marco ten Hoff · 22 April 2008
Hmm, almost everything would get 5 starts ;).

Zac · 22 April 2008
I agree, 5 stars across the board. The trouble with this rating system is that if one of your wallpapers gets 1 star, it's still 5 stars above anything I've done on my own :) Keep up the good work

Ioanna · 29 April 2008
Nice idea for keeping in order our favorite ones. But I think you should change a little bit the description. My idea: 1 star: OK 2 stars: Good 3 stars: Very Good 4 stars: Excellent 5 stars: Divine!!! You don't have such a thing as bad desktops. Big hug!!!

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