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Only July 3! Happy Birthday little Alice! Premium accounts for $2.00!!!

{3 July 2012}

[Update] July 3 is officially over :-)

Today, my little Alice turns 2 years old! To celebrate that, only today, all premium accounts are $2.00 (that's $12.99 off!) Buy one for yourself or buy a gift account. Thanks!

← New sizes for all wallpapers: 2880x1800 for MacBook Pro Retina; 1440x1280 for HTC One X From email conversation: creating a wallpaper site that does not suck →

Comments {15}

A Vlad Fan... 3 July 2012
Happy Birthday Alice!

Diego Zamboni 3 July 2012
Happy Birthday to little Alice, from a long-time admirer and first-time subscriber :)

Philippe 3 July 2012
Happy Birthday Alice ! & Thank you Vlad Did you complete your illustrated Alice books collection ?

Lock 3 July 2012
Oh... :) Have a wonderful birthday, Alice! Not difficult to imagine, however, with a so wonderful dad. Thanks Vlad, this is the best birthday present for all of us. :D

Glen 3 July 2012
Happy birthday, Alice! I've gifted accounts in your honor...

Jay Phoenix 4 July 2012
Thank you for beautiful art on my Mac, i love your style! And now I'm very happy to be your Member. Happy Birthday and HavE a NiCe DaY Alice! .. ◕‿◕

Malcinea 4 July 2012
I've been following you for years, so I'm happy today I can give a little tribute to your work, with the best wishes for Alice's birthday!

Vlad Gerasimov 4 July 2012
Thanks a lot for all the comments, I do appreciate them :-)

Vlad Gerasimov 3 July 2012
Thanks :-)

Jari 3 July 2012
Oh wow! Thank you! I have been wanting to be premium for years but couldn't afford it. Then you dropped the price and made it permanent and I was sad since now I was (am) unemployed. I am sooooo happy to be able to jump on this nice price. Happy Birthday Alice and thanks!!

Rita El Khoury 3 July 2012
Oh happy birthday Alice, you have an incredible dad and you will sure have lots of awesome art to grow up to :) Vlad, I have been following you for YEARS, ever since the underwater chess wallpaper made it into a theme for Symbian phones, I had to track the artist down and I found multitudes of wonderful pieces here. I never thought about getting a premium account, but with this price drop, and for little Alice, well there was no questioning it. Subscribed, and very happy to be supporting you, even if with such a small contribution.

NoAkei 4 July 2012
Happy birthday to Alice! I have been following this site for years and wanted to go premium for a while, this has made my day (along with a 30/30 on an exam :D )

BlueCat 4 July 2012
Happy Birthday Alice!

joyrex 4 July 2012
aww :) happy birthday Alice!

Ryan 4 July 2012
Hooray Alice! Congratulations!!!

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