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Vladstudio new site (codename Kauri)

{3 October 2012}


If you have been to my website before, you will notice I changed a lot of its design. I hope the new features (as well as removal of some clutter) will make your stay more comfortable. If you stumble upon a bug, or have a suggestions, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

P.S. I code-named this design Kauri - a mighty tree from my beloved New Zealand :-)

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Comments {19}

pfennig59 3 October 2012
Looks great, especially the lighter theme and larger wallpaper thumbnails. I was a bit surprised to see the password in clear. Maybe the checkbox shouldn't be checked by default?

Akkis 3 October 2012
It is really great! I love it :)

Akkis 3 October 2012
It is really great! I love it :) But.. why i cannot login?

Matt 4 October 2012
The wallpaper clocks developer's page is giving an "Error 500: The web server is in trouble!" message. The url I used is as follows (linked from the main 'wallpaperclocks - get an app' page): Hope this helps.

Jay 4 October 2012
Can not Login!

Dave Beauvais 4 October 2012
I love the site, but with regard to security, I feel that not only should the password be obfuscated by default, it would be nice if logon credentials were sent over an SSL connection so those logging in from insecure public networks may do so more safely. I find the two column comment layout a little difficult to follow, and there seems to be an amusing bug in the way "x days ago" is displayed. "21 day ago", "31 day ago", etc. It seems to treat numbers ending in "1" as a singular number rather than plural. :-) Thanks for all you do!

Victor Noagbodji 18 October 2012
Nice responsive design. It looks very digital and clean. I didn't try on any mobile device though.

Cam Jones 21 November 2012
Oh yeah... it's looking good. Happy Thanksgiving!

Victor Noagbodji 19 December 2012
Hi Vlad, The Christmas stars only show up in sub-menus not in the main menu. Can you have a look ? (I am using the latest Chrome, 23.0.xxxx)

TrekJunky 24 January 2013
Why the missing wallpaper clocks? Quiet Night is missing as well as many others. How come? TrekJunky

pfennig59 3 October 2012
The seems to a space missing between the name of a commenter and the time that the comment was made

Vlad Gerasimov 3 October 2012
pfennig59 - surprised is better than disappointed :-) Most of us (geeks) are used to **** in passwords, but for less experienced users (without password managers and all this stuff) this is usually painful experience. So because I am no online bank, I figured I could trade a bit of security for ease of use. I'm open to comments though! To anyone - if I'm wrong and should hide password by default, let me know in the comments.

Vlad Gerasimov 4 October 2012
Matt - fixed, thanks!

Aditya 4 October 2012
Website really doesn't matter much as long as you provide us with such beautiful wallpapers for our PC's :) And of all, No Ads! :D You rock! :D

Anmar Mansur 4 October 2012
I have to agree with pfennig59 that the show password checkbox should be off by default. Having it on by default (and setting the password field input type="text") breaks password managers, and browsers will neither offer to remember the user credentials nor fill them in when the login form loads. I for one had a somewhat painful experience logging in last night and this morning. Otherwise, I love what you have done with the place :D

Vlad Gerasimov 4 October 2012
Dave, Anmar, pfennig59 - agreed! Passwords are now hidden, with a checkbox to show them. Dave - I'll be fixing dates soon!

pfennig59 4 October 2012
Thank you, Vlad.

japa 4 October 2012
Simpler it is, thrilled I'm not. Not exactly eco-friendly this theme is. Maybe a darker version like the footer would be nice.

Filip Krieger 23 November 2012
Dear Vlad, i would like to announce you, that Czech television used/is using/ some of your work without mentioning your autorship (your logo was removed), and as governmental organisation does not fit to terms of free personal use. see link: or With regards

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