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My first experience in animation movie :-)

24 June 2008

I made this short movie in Photoshop, as a gift to my sister birthday:

That was great experience! I seriously respect professional animators, this job requires a lot of patience and skills. I only with there was two of me, one doing wallpapers and another one doing animations :-)

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pfennig59 · 24 June 2008
Cute. Happy birthday, Vlad's sister!

Vlad Gerasimov · 24 June 2008
simgust: for this particular task, I did not need Flash. And I wanted to draw each frame by hand in Photoshop, because of some retro-hand-made feeling that it produces. Thanks.

Nice · 24 June 2008
Nice animation. By the way, what is that piece of background music?

Vlad Gerasimov · 24 June 2008
Thanks! Forgot to mention - the music used is Stephane Grappelli, "It's Only A Paper Moon" from "Tivoli Gardens" album.

Hannah · 24 June 2008
Very nice! it makes me happy...

Rebekah · 25 June 2008
Very cute. Great job! You've definitely got some talent in this arena as well. :)

Ashwin Narasimhan · 26 June 2008
I think I love your taste in music as much as I love your taste in art.

Simgust · 3 July 2008
Why don´t you get yourself a tablet (or you might have) cuz it makes it better...

Rebecca Sandifer · 4 July 2008
What a wonderful gift for her! This is a great animation! Thank you for sharing!

Anastasia · 10 July 2008
The best gift is a gift made by yourself, made with love and tender. Great work! Love it! :-)

Cla * · 17 July 2008
yea I like it : )

Espen S. · 8 August 2008
Very sweet :-) And good work! Happy birthday to Vlads sister :-)

katrinne · 30 September 2008
cute but I dont know the mean of that words in the paper :( can you translate??

Vlad Gerasimov · 5 November 2008
Thanks! The words are usual "Happy birthday dear sister, wish you health" etc.

simgust · 24 June 2008
You said that it required a lot of patience and skills, well, you could have used flash... Much more simple, but ever more effective. Try that next time if you are going to make more movies and if you have access to it. I love to work with it. And keep on the good work with photoshop, I´m learning a LOT from your tutorials. Absolutely LOVE your style.

Douglas · 24 June 2008
Hi Vlad, Your art is really great! Congratulations for your work. I'm wondering if you couldn't make a theme for iGoogle. They have artists theme, and you can make a really great theme, changing hourly, for iGoogle. I sure a lot of people will use. Really, wonderful work. Congratulations!

Carmen · 25 June 2008
Happy birthday. very nice.

Helen · 28 June 2008
это здорово!!! Талантище:)

Marissa · 29 June 2008
I love it!!!!! it's so cute!!!! I think you're the best!!!!

Ricardo I. · 10 July 2008
A great gift. I'm impressed with your sense of art-work. It's both simple and fresh. Thank you for share this with us. From the (very) south Ricardo I.

abra · 30 July 2008
that is.ok kiss

JustJo · 9 August 2008
You are an artist. Respect!

khalidahAziz · 20 August 2008
sweet and meaningful,super nice~

VladFan · 5 November 2008
Cool! :) Like katrinne, please translate the text in the video!

Paul-Eric LABROSSE · 24 December 2008
Happy sister of yours, Vlad, to have such a talented brother !! I love your style, especially as shown in this movie. Everything you design is full of poetry. I love it ! Thanks for everything.

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